Dubbing and Translation Agencies

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Dubbing and Translation Agencies

dubbing agencies; They are businesses established to carry out all the processes necessary for dubbing production. If the dubbing work will be for a video in a foreign language, it means that there will be a need for translation into Turkish during the production process. For this reason, there is a translation team agreed with by each agency.

Dubbing and translation is a business line that produces solutions for the advertising and promotion needs of companies while they expand to the global market. While getting this service, you should work with an expert dubbing agency. Because an expert agency adds a great brand value to your institution as well as the solution it provides to your business.

We would like to remind you for your dubbing projects; While some agencies do both dubbing and dubbing, some agencies focus on a single one. For this reason, when you have a project that needs to be dubbed in the media sector, we recommend that you find out what areas of the market the agencies you will be interviewing focus on.

The vast majority of dubbing agencies are located in Istanbul, due to the large volume of business in our country. The remaining slice is distributed to big cities such as Izmir and Ankara. However, the number of agencies that only focus on dubbing has decreased a lot lately. Agencies now generally prefer to do dubbing and voice-over works together.

BiberSA Production, which provides dubbing, translation and voice-over services for your media projects, provides dubbing services to world-famous brands with professional voice casts. No matter what business line you are in, it is an important task to translate your promotional films, commercials and other video projects from different languages to Turkish with technical English translators and voice them with a dubbing cast, and we, as BiberSA Production, support you with the awareness of this responsibility. .

Dubbing Cast with Voice Actors

What we call a dubbing cast; It is the bringing together of the selected sounds for a project that needs dubbing. In this process promotion filmAfter technically analyzing and translating what your video project, such as a commercial film, is trying to convey, a dubbing cast is created with professional dubbing artists in the sound bank and the dubbing process is performed. It is very important that the translation work done before the dubbing phase is done well. Because an inaccuracy in the translation will cause both ambiguity and synchronization problems in dubbing. For this reason, finding the right agency that specializes in translation and dubbing will be an important detail for your project.

BiberSA Production not only translates a video prepared in a foreign language into Turkish, but also translates a video project prepared in Turkish into the desired language, dubbing it with foreign language voice actors and makes it ready for its customers.

Voice Dubbing Cast Applications

BiberSA Prodüksiyon insan kaynaklarına gelen seslendirme cast başvurularındaki profillere yönelik yapılan istatistiklere göre, %78’lik kısım hiçbir eğitim almayan ve yeteneği olduğuna inanan kişiler tarafından, %10’luk kısım gerçekten yetenekli ancak hiçbir eğitim almamış kişiler tarafından ve sadece %12’lik kısım gerçek yetenek ve eğitim kriterlerini birleştirmiş kişiler tarafından yapılmaktadır. Bu demek oluyor ki, dublaj ajansına yapılan başvurular piyasa şartlarında faal olarak çalışabilecek dublaj sanatçılarının oranının % 12 düzeyinde olduğudur.

For aspiring artists who are interested in dubbing, we can say that in addition to having the skill to register with agencies, you also need to have some experience in this field. So what should candidates with no experience but really talented do? if you say. Our suggestion for you is, in addition to participating in MEB-approved certificate programs, going to a dubbing studio and saying "I just want to watch what's going on." You may have an offer. If you are accepted, you can watch the dubbing production processes as long as the dubbing agencies allow.

Is it possible to become a dubbing artist by watching? Yeah! The first step to becoming a dubbing artist is to be in the kitchen first. Watching will allow you to see the cooking process in the kitchen in all its steps. The rest is up to your personal effort.

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