Is Freelancer Voice Over Legal?

Is Freelancer Voice Over Legal?

I would like to talk about 'freelancers', one of the trend topics of recent times, in this article. 'Freelancer', which is referred to as 'independent writer' when researched with Translate translation, is actually used in the sense of freelance. As of the period after 2015, freelancer work has become common in Turkey.

How Legal is Freelance Voice Over?

So, is it good to do freelancer work? is it bad? is it legal? is not it? We have discussed the answers to these questions with the experts of the business for you. As it is known, each country has its own trade rules. As a result of these rules, if you are doing some work in the sector and you are no longer helping this friend, you must have tax liability. Especially if you work as a freelancer and receive the payment through your account number, you need to issue an invoice for the payment you receive. If no one has ever audited your account and asked, that doesn't mean it won't happen. It is possible to work as a freelancer, provided that you comply with the commercial rules. If you are not a taxpayer and are not affiliated with an agency, if you provide services to several agencies, this is your agency. The agency you work for will issue you an expense slip. If you, as a freelancer, are contacting the customer directly through some platforms other than the agency, then you must be a taxpayer. This may not be a problem today, but it can give you a serious headache later on.

What Is Right?

Most of those who are dealing with dubbing and dubbing in Turkey have chosen to do this work legally by under the obligation of invoice under the name of a sole proprietorship. Let's warn those who prefer to voice freelancers illegally by joining the staff of other illegal platforms. It is a very important issue that we are involved in legal studies with the awareness of citizenship, without forgetting that such illegal informal activities harm the country's economy. Another problem is that companies or business owners prefer these freelancer sites. Doesn't the fact that freelancer sites don't issue invoices for their services already proves that it is illegal? We invite you to be more sensitive in this regard.

Unfortunately, freelancer works are not only done in the field of voice acting. From time to time, freelancers may come across as web design, software developers, designers, graphic designers, in short, those who do desk jobs that can be done easily from almost anywhere. We seem to hear the freelancers say, 'Oh brother, should we not earn money, should I be a taxpayer?' Our answer to those who ask this question is 'yes'. If you are constantly working as a freelancer and your account is constantly receiving regular payments from somewhere, it's time to become a taxpayer. However, if you say that you do this job a few times a year, but only provide services to agencies, this is a matter within the agency's area of responsibility. The agency needs to issue an expense note in return for the work it has made you do. No matter what job you are doing as a freelancer, it would be better to work with voice-over and dubbing agencies instead of choosing illegal platforms.

Freelancer employees are available not only in Turkey but also in many countries of the world. Many people earn their living from freelance work. Countries should encourage individual institutionalization and make every citizen a taxpayer so that these efforts do not threaten the national economy. Freelancers in Turkey have to choose this path, which is legal only by doing business through agencies. As another option, he should resign from being a freelancer and establish private companies and become able to issue invoices. We should abandon all instruments that will ensure unfair competition in Turkey, and we should not resort to anything illegal.

Stay well.

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