What is Cinema and Series Dubbing?

What is Cinema and Series Dubbing?

As you know, Hollywood movies are shot in English in the native language. There are two options for those who do not have a good command of English; watch with subtitles or listen to it dubbed. The subject of dubbing, interestingly, can differ from country to country. In this article, we will examine dubbing in the film and cinema industry.


Motion Picture Dubbing

Dubbing is the process of translating the speeches in movies and serials into Turkish and montage them. In other words; It is the process of combining the speeches, music and sound effects in a movie in a professional studio environment and converting them into a new recording.

For example, viewers in England and America generally prefer to watch movies or TV series with subtitles in their original language. Generally, only children's programs are dubbed in these two countries. As a justification for this, they show that the older the audience, the more they prefer to hear the original sound of the movie, thus they feel the emotion and atmosphere of the movie better. The most important exception in this regard in the UK is Spaghetti Western movies. These Italian made cowboy movies have been translated into English for some reason. It's interesting indeed, because even Chinese-made movies like Hidden Dragon in the UK have been shown in theaters with subtitles, although they have dubbed versions. Some dubbing makes the movie more appealing. For example, the ugly half-sister named Doris in the famous Shrek2 movie was voiced by Jonathan Ross in England and Larry King in America. The effects of the film were different in both countries. While movies are being translated into another language, they should also be adapted to the humor and culture of that country, otherwise it cannot be successful.

Hollywood filmleri yaklaşık %90 oranında başka dillere çevriliyor. Özellikle gişe filmlerinin 30’dan fazla dile çevriliyor olması, doğal olarak dublaj stüdyolarında bir baskı yaratıyor. Örneğin sadece Hindistan için Spider-Man3 filmi en az 4 dile çevrildi: Hintçe, Tamil Dili, Telugu ve Bhojpori.. Bu da ekstra zaman gerektiren bir iş ve dolayısıyla filmin o ülkede vizyona geç girmesine neden olabiliyor. Bu da yapımcı şirketin hiç istemediği oldukça stresli bir süreç!

How much workload the dubbing will require depends entirely on its structure. Lip synchronization is the most labor-intensive style. Some prefer just voiceovers instead of lip syncing. The characters are voiced by adhering to the original dialogues. Some countries, on the other hand, approach dubbing differently. A narrator talks over the original dialogues while describing what happened in the text. Viewers listen to monophonic explanations in their own language over the original conversations coming from below. This style is preferred especially in Russia and some eastern bloc countries. Of course, this method is an option that disrupts the natural flow of the film and does not sound very good.

While the situation in the world is like this; Some famous dubbing artists in Turkey (eg Sungun Babacan, Sezai Aydın, Uğur Taşdemir, Mehmet Ali Erbil, Okan Bayülgen, Nevra Serezli) have made their names known by dubbing famous Hollywood movies and become today's famous dubbing artists. Dubbing in Turkey started in 1932 with the movie Bir Millet Wakes Up. This movie is the first sound movie performed in Turkey. Although dubbing in Turkey is not very noticeable, when it is considered in terms of the diction and emphasis of the characters played by the film actors, it is actually of great importance since it is a description of the personality.

The film does not need to be in a foreign language for dubbing, and unfortunately there are many examples of poorly dubbed versions. For example, although the swear words in the movies are "beep" in our country before they are shown on television, they can be re-voiced in other countries by replacing them with lighter words. However, later additions do not sound good.


TV Series Movie Dubbing

Many television series break ratings records in Turkey, turn the ratings upside down, and even our famous Turkish series, which are sold to Middle Eastern countries and European channels, are presented to the audience with both subtitles and dubbing in foreign languages. In Turkish TV series, redubbing is done in studios based on the shooting environment or tone of the actors. While a character is dubbed by a different voice, sometimes the same voice is dubbed by the same voice. Turkey is in a good position in the world ranking in dubbing. Because we have seen that a dubbing artist completely dubbing a movie or a series.

Dubbing is also microphone acting. It requires a theatrical flair. Our call to those who want to be a dubbing artist and do this job will be to receive training from the relevant institutions. Stay with love.

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