7 Great Ideas for Effective Advertising Slogans

Effective Advertising Slogans

7 Great Ideas for Effective Advertising Slogans

An effective advertising slogan is catchy, short—usually in five words or less. Effective advertising slogans summarize what the product or brand has to offer, and if carefully crafted, they enable customers to keep your brand ahead in consumers' minds in future shopping or purchasing decisions. So what is the advertising slogan?

What is the Advertising Slogan?

Advertising slogans; are powerful words in marketing and advertising campaigns that draw attention to the product, service, company or brand being advertised and communicate the key benefit you want consumers to associate with your brand.

An advertising slogan is a short and concise sentence used to promote a product, service or brand. advertising slogan, It is used to highlight the features, benefits, or values of the product or service and helps consumers develop positive feelings about the brand or product.

Advertising slogans are important to increase brand recall and awareness. IA good advertising slogan leaves a positive impression about the brand or product in the minds of consumers and emphasizes the differences of the product or service. In addition, advertising slogans increase the brand's sense of belonging by emphasizing the uniqueness of the brand and its connection with the target audience.

In Which Media Branch Are Advertising Slogans Used?

Advertising slogans are produced for television, radio, newspapers, magazines, outdoor billboards, digital advertising, social media and other online platforms. Advertising slogans, which have a wide usage area, are frequently used in the following areas of the media:

  • television advertisements, It is one of the places where advertising slogans are used most often. Advertising slogans presented in a concise manner attract the attention of the audience and create positive feelings about the product or service.
  • radio ads It is another branch of media in which advertising slogans are frequently used. Advertisers try to attract the attention of their target audiences with their original and attractive advertising slogans.
  • Newspaper and magazine ads It is one of the media platforms where advertising slogans are frequently used. Such advertisements are designed to deliver customized messages to target audiences and these messages are conveyed through advertising slogans.
  • outdoor billboards It is another branch of media in which advertising slogans are frequently used. Advertising slogans inform target audiences about the product or service with short and concise messages and increase brand awareness.

Recently, online platforms such as digital advertising and social media have also become popular for advertising slogans. Advertising slogans can be used to reach target audiences through various digital marketing tools such as banner ads, search engine ads and social media ads used in digital advertising.

In the media production sector, many advertising agencies and production companies will offer advertisements or services for the brands, products and services they will prepare. promotion film They think and produce slogans for Here is one of the hardest parts of the story. “How to find the right slogan for the product and service? Which authority will approve this slogan?” Answering such questions is important. “Advertising copywriters” employed by advertising agencies and production companies are the people who address these questions.

One of the key points in producing a slogan is to convey the desired connection with the brand, product and service to be positioned in the market with the most accurate message. Even if this message is determined by the company owners and the people coordinating the work, it should be re-evaluated with the experiences of the copywriters and ensure the correct positioning. Copywriters gain their experience by producing ideas for many projects before, and the importance of working with them has been proven in advertising projects, based on reports of interaction with audience and listener.

Effective advertising slogans

7 Great Ideas for Effective Advertising Slogans

The first step is to decide if you need a slogan. If you have a logo, you are already busy branding your product or company. If you've taken these steps, you should really consider a slogan too. But how to create a permanent advertising slogan? Here are some tricks you can follow;

  1. Think about what image you want to capture with your slogan; here you have to look at the essence of the business and what the promised service is.
  2. When choosing your words in your slogan, choose those that are simple and easy to understand.. There is no strict rule about how many words should be. It can be as short as a single word or a few sentences. The important thing is that it appeals to the audience you choose.
  3. Add some humor if possible. Because usually, if something is funny, better and faster interaction with the audience can be achieved.
  4. Make sure your slogan is honest. Don't exaggerate and don't lie about what your brand is or what your company has to offer.
  5. Put some emotion in your slogan. Emotions are more easily noticed by the consumer. Even if you don't make them think about the brand, you can make them feel something.
  6. Focus on the message. Never lose the target of the message you want to convey. For example, if you want to play to a particular strength of your brand, the slogan should refer to that.
  7. Make sure your slogan is timeless. The words used should not only apply now, but for years to come.

When all these factors come together, it is inevitable for the advertising slogans to be produced for the brand, product and service to be effective. Apart from these, it is also important that the company you will work with gets a detailed brief for your brand, if possible, to identify a few people who will approve the slogans and to negotiate, to work with people who know your sector well, to analyze the competitors in the sector and to research the sector in the world market, and to have an expert copywriter.

For example; There is a construction company and this company is considering making a television advertisement for the sale of the collective life houses it has built. The brief received is as follows: It was built with a modern architecture on the European side of Istanbul, away from the noise of the city, close to the transportation stations. A brief like this usually brings to mind the following slogans. Like 'A peaceful life begins in the middle of the city, away from the noise of the city', 'Happy tomorrows with modern architecture'. Let's pay attention to the keywords used in the construction industry, "modern architecture, peace, life"...

A copywriter who follows the slogans of his competitors in the industry suffocates the media production industry with limited Turkish. The important thing is that we contribute to daily life from those incredible words in our beautiful Turkish and create our texts in this direction. This sterility in slogans must be due to not having a good command of Turkish. In this sense, copywriters have a great responsibility. We think that instead of the similar slogans and words of the advertisements that we are under the influence of in the media, we should make use of our rich Turkish by conducting research around the world in order to produce different slogans on this subject.

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