How are Advertising Voiceover Fees Calculated?

Budgeting is one of the most important issues in projects prepared in the advertising industry. Because the advertising content and quality can change in direct proportion to the budget allocated for advertising. For this reason, as a voice-over agency, we often receive the following questions; “How is the dubbing and dubbing work done for all the content used in television, social media and radio channels in the media production sector?”, “How much does a voice-over artist cost?” , “How much do the voice-over agencies cost?”, “How are the advertising voice-over fees calculated?” etc.

We cannot talk about a fixed pricing for budgets in the advertising industry because each project has its own variables. Therefore, do not be confused by the different budgets in the sector.

So what are the factors that cause this variability in prices?

The first factor in these price differences is due to the stamp price set by the voice actor himself. Then, it can be shown as the reflection of the agency commission fee added by each voice-over agency.

What exactly does the stamp price of the voice actor mean and how is it determined?

voice actor The stamp fee is the work fees determined by the artists for the projects they will give voice to, and these fees may vary according to the content of the project. In other words, the budget given for a 5 minute text reading will not be the same as the budget for a 1 hour text reading.

Each voice actor in the voice bank of the voice-over agencies works for a different stamp price, and this stamp price also varies depending on the experience, popularity of the artist, and whether he has a special and impressive tone, apart from the content of the project.

Voice over agencies On the other hand, a very small agency commission fee is added to this stamp price and reflected to the customer, and agreements are made over the total price. Within this agency commission fee, we can list many reasons such as studio usage fee, voiceover director fee, taxes.

Advertising voiceover fees do not vary, just for the reasons we mentioned here. If we examine in more detail; a voiceover agency The parameters to be considered when calculating the advertising voice-over fees for the ad copy are:

Where will the ad be published? (YM)

Let's consider single-screening channels for 1000 people at a meeting or conference, such as national television, national radio, local television, local radio, internet, social media or a non-broadcast medium. We call these broadcast media. Each of these broadcasting channels we mentioned make different budgets depending on their popularity, the number of audiences they reach, and the listening capacities of different broadcasting generations. Therefore, the channels where advertising projects will be published appear as another factor that directly affects the budgets.

  • Let's say Broadcast Channel = YM.

How long will the ad run for? (YS)

In which of the broadcast channels we mentioned before, and how long the advertising projects will remain on the air is also among the factors that directly affect the voiceover fees.

  • Let's say Airtime = YS.

What about the page or word count of the ad? (MU)

It is important for the voice actor and agency how many pages or how many words the advertising voice-over text consists of. Because the increase or decrease of this number will directly affect the cost of the voiceover, as it will change the usage times of the studio and the reading.

  • Let's say Text Length = MU.

Who will voice the ad? (NW)

The selection of the voice actor who will voice the advertisement is also one of the important parameters in determining the advertising voiceover fees. Because, as we mentioned before, every voice has a stamp price determined by it. Because of this price, the advertising budget will be affected again.

  • Let's say Stamp Price = KB.

According to these factors, we can find the total advertising voiceover fee with a formula as follows for advertising voice budgeting;

  • Total cost = YM (broadcast media coefficient) x YS (month/day) x MU number of (pages/words) x NW (stamp coefficient)

Although this formula is not mathematically precise, it was created for a better understanding of the calculation.

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