How are Jingle Prices Determined?

The universal language of music is indispensable for every brand. A powerful advertising type for your business and brand, jingles are musical works that keep the service or product in mind. Jingle allows your brand or business to leave a mark on the consumer while conveying information about a company or product through music and lyrics. While the universal language and unifying power of music creates an opportunity for brands, its impact increases when the marketing message is supported with a special jingle.

So, what's the price to pay for a jingle? How is jingle pricing done? Along with these questions, we have prepared for you what you need to know when requesting jingle work for your brand.

About Jingle Pricing

It is impossible to set a standard figure for jingle prices. For a promotional, informative or sales-oriented product; The pricing of your jingle, which you will use while communicating with your target audience and customers, is calculated according to many criteria. Pricing of each new jingle work varies, as advertising music, which is a musical work, is evaluated within the scope of the law on works of art.

The ad music is the main melody that forms the main skeleton of the jingle. In addition, the instruments to be used in jingle music is one of the criteria that determines the budget. Pricing varies according to the number and variety of instruments to be used. Criteria such as the preferred vocal voice for the jingle, whether the vocal voice is popular or not, and the price of the stamp determine the price.

Along with these criteria, another important factor that determines the price is the media and broadcast time. After the commercial music is prepared, the channels in which it will be broadcast and how long it will remain on the air directly affect the price policy. After these questions are answered, the jingle studio requests a brief about the product or brand. It determines what the ad music wants to convey, which criteria and features should be emphasized, makes jingle pricing and prepares the proposal.

How Much Will You Pay for Your Ad Music?

At this point, as BiberSA Production Voice Over and Dubbing Agency, we follow a transparent policy in jingle pricing in Turkey. We respond to your search for a jingle studio by providing clear and concise information, and we become your reliable solution partner for your commercial music! You can visit our website for detailed information about the prices of our company, which prepares special jingles for brands and companies operating in different sectors, and contact us for all your questions and opinions.

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