What is Jingle? How is it done?

What is Jingle? How is it done?

What is Jingle? It is a word of English origin and means “the sound of bells” in Turkish, and in the media production sector, advertisements with songs and short music with melodies are referred to as “Jingle Music”.JingleIt has created a common usage area for ”. In this article, we will talk about the technical meaning of jingle in our industry, its importance and how it is done.

The most effective use of the advertising industry is undoubtedly remarkable videos and one of the most effective players of these videos is jingle music. In addition to changing the energy, image and character of the advertisement and creating a permanent message in the memory of the listener, the music also serves an important purpose. Attract customers' attention. An unforgettable melody can bury itself in your subconscious and be remembered for a very long time after it is first heard.

For a long time, brand music, corporate music and song advertising music, which have been specially prepared for brands for a long time, are all under the name of jingle music and are broadcast on channels such as television, radio, social media, and succeed in being the focus of attention of customers and circulating in the languages.

After the “Day After Recall” tests, it measures the percentage of people who remember seeing the advertisement 24 hours after it was broadcast on television. Ads prepared with an effective jingle music had a much higher recall rate 15-24 hours after they started airing. As can be seen here, the increase in the recall rate of the advertisements prepared with catchy music by the customers means that the rate of being effective in their shopping behaviors also increases.

How to Make a Jingle?

Jingle music is prepared in two different ways, with "stock / ready music" and "original music".


Making Jingles with Stock / Stock Music

“Stock music”, also known as “ready-made music”, is a sectoral name given to previously created music in various styles and categories. It is preferred because it is more affordable and more diverse than musical works produced specifically for a brand.

In these studies, after the relevant person chooses the appropriate music among a few that are thought to be suitable for the project in line with the briefs they receive from the clients, the appropriate song lyrics are written and the project is implemented after the necessary approvals. The important thing here is that the agencies take the copyright of the stock music and that the consent of these rights is signed and stamped when delivering the project to the customer. Only in this way, advertising projects can be published comfortably in different broadcasting channels without legal obstacles.


Jingle Making with Special / Original Music

The music called special or original jingle music is the music that is composed from scratch according to the project content to be worked on and will belong only to the company that owns the project. Therefore, detailed briefs from the client are very important to determine the emotion and style of the melody. Compared to a jingle work with stock music, works with original music cost higher budgets, but considering the brand, the prepared melody is a signature for that brand and creates a quality and original image in people's minds.

In jingle works prepared with special music, firstly, a few alternative lyrics are written for the brand and the main melody is revealed on the approved words. While the project work is being completed, the music specially prepared for the brand should be registered to the brand name for a limited period or indefinitely, and all copyrights should be delivered to the brand as signed and stamped.

The final stage in jingle studies with stock music or original music is vocal selection and reading. By making the jingle read by the vocal suitable for the melody, the advertisement with the song is created. In addition, the production time for a jingle usually takes one business day if stock music is preferred, but for the use of original music, preparing a jingle can take days or even weeks.

The jingle production phase is in our video shot at BiberSA Production Studio below. We tried to explain the jingle prepared for a brand step by step with this short video.

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