What is a Brief? What Does It Do?

We would like to start by explaining the Turkish equivalent of the word 'brief'. We can say that 'brief' is to describe briefly, to outline or to pre-explain.

It is the name of what the agencies briefly describe the company, brand, product, service, market, sector in their first meeting with the advertiser. Firms submit information about their dynamics, competitors and industry to the agency. This presentation process is 'brief'. Voice Over The same is true for the agency. Voice Over agencies in accordance with the brief they receive from the client. ad texts They plan by preparing and developing strategies.

Brief So Concise Summary

Companies pour their troubles to the agencies for their promotions… because they have a problem. How can we describe our work at the maximum level? Will this agency be able to explain the work we do? These problems are quite common in companies. Agencies try to identify these problems of companies by asking the right questions. There is a saying; So that I can understand your manhood from the question you ask… that is, the question you ask gives you away, not the answer you give to the question.

That's how it is in the Brief. The questions asked by the agency are the solution to the company's problems. Brief is the most essential tool before, during and after work. A job can be good, but a job that doesn't fit the brief means nothing. First of all, what the company wants should be determined well, then we have this alternative to the company as an agency, if you like it, a gesture can be made.

The same project will not be presented to every customer, and every customer's problem is different. Our differences are our greatest wealth. The better the firm explains its problem in terms of brief, the better the agency will create an advertising project. Again, we would like to close our article with a beautiful and meaningful word. 'He who does not tell his troubles cannot find a cure.' Times have changed, so we modernize this word and say; 'He who does not explain his problem well cannot find a cure.' And it is reported that a beautiful man said: 'my son… we came to Earth to learn how to want it.' Hope to see you in the days when we tell our problems well, that is, we give good briefs...

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