In Which Language Would You Like To Have Your Voice?

In Which Language Would You Like To Have Your Voice?

Of course, it is always the first choice to hear a message, advertisement, movie or documentary in your native language. If you want to voice your script or text in a foreign language and reach different audiences, you should work with professional foreign language voice actors and voiceover agencies. You can connect with the audience / listener with experienced foreign language voice actors who will reflect the culture of your target audience in the best way.

How would you pick your voice among the English, German, Spanish, Arabic, Italian, Chinese, Russian and French voice actors in the BiberSA Production Voice Over and Dubbing Agency sound bank?

English Voice Over

Among the foreign language voice-over and dubbing services, the most demanded language in the sector is English voice-over services, which are accepted as a global language. For the most preferred English voice-over service in the media production sector, brands and agencies collaborate with agencies to work with English voice-over artists. The voice suitable for the project is selected among the English voice actors in the voice cast of the dubbing and dubbing agencies. The accent also plays a big role in English voice-over and dubbing services. English vocalization also differs in accents according to countries. It is diversified such as British English, American English, Irish English, Australian English.

The English voice-over service process first starts with the selection of the voice-over agency. Then, the text to be voiced is translated into English by professional translators, keeping its originality. The most important point here is to pay attention to the sectoral characteristics of the text, and to make the translation with correct and appropriate sentences and emphases without loss of meaning. After the sectoral analysis, the translated text is completed by selecting a suitable voice actor and recording a voice.

Arabic Voice Over

Arabic, which is among the most preferred foreign language voice-over services, is used in promotional, documentary, informative videos and films. Brands and institutions request support from agencies for Arabic voice-over and dubbing services, as well as Arabic translation and subtitling. As international fairs and foreign broadcasting channels increase, the number of Arabic voice-over projects also increases. You can choose the appropriate voice for your projects with the Arabic voice cast, which includes different voice colors such as female, male and child.

Chinese Voice Over

The second most spoken language in the world, Chinese is also among the languages that shape the world economy. Chinese, which is used as an official language in China and Taiwan, is actually classified under the name Mandarin. With the effectiveness of China and Chinese-speaking countries in the world economy, Chinese voice over has become indispensable for brands and companies. As a tonal language, the biggest challenge in Chinese is pronunciation. The meaning of the word varies according to the style. It is important to work with agencies that have professional voice actors and experienced voice cast while receiving the necessary Chinese voice-over service for your project.

German Voice Over

Today, German is spoken by more than 100 million people. German, one of the most spoken languages among the member states of the European Union, is also the official language of countries such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium. In terms of usage area and number of users, German voice over services continue to attract attention. You can also get support from BiberSA Production voice-over and dubbing agency to work with native and professional German voice-over artists and to get translation services in accordance with the original through professional translators.

Spanish Voice Over

Did you know that Spanish, the mother tongue of approximately 329 million people in the world, is among the top 5 most spoken languages in the world? You can bring your project to life by choosing from Spanish voice-over artists for Spanish voice-over and dubbing services, text translation, correct voice selection, and professional voice recordings. There are differences between European and American accents in Spanish dubbing, which has a large market share for the world media production sector. You should choose the right voice according to the changing accents, especially in Latin America and Spain.

French Voice Over

French, which is spoken in 5 continents and is among the official languages of many different countries as a result of the colonial period, is among the preferred foreign voice-over alternatives today. In French voice-over services, accent differences are of great importance, especially in Europe and Quebec. It is possible to get the French foreign language voice-over service you need, including translation support with professional foreign language voice actors.

Russian Voice Over

Russia, the world's 10th largest economy, plays an active role in the world economy market. Today, Russian voice over is frequently preferred in line with different sectors and targets. It is possible to work with Russian voice actors with native foreign language voiceover experience and to find the appropriate voice for your project with the support of a professional agency. Sound artists who provide voice-over services in Russian not only be the voice of your project, but also convey the message you want to give in the most accurate and effective way.

Italian Voice Over

It ranks 5th among the most taught languages in the world, not limited to Italy. Thanks to the commercial and economic cooperation with Turkey, it is important for brands and companies to call out in Italian and reach target audiences. With Italian voice-over and dubbing services, you can get support from a voice-over agency for all types of voice-overs you need, and you can choose the right Italian voice for your projects.

Foreign Language Voice Over Price Policy

Foreign language voice actors' budgets vary. Pricing is given according to the number of pages to be voiced or the unit price per word. In addition, the channel where the project will be broadcast and the broadcast time also affect the prices of the voiceovers.

As BiberSA Production Voice Over and Dubbing Agency, “in which language would you get your voice?” Acting with the question, we become your solution partner with the voice-over services in the foreign language you need. We choose the sound of your project with English, German, Spanish, Arabic, Italian, Chinese, Russian, French voice actors in the sound bank, we record in our sound recording studios equipped with the latest technology, and we translate your project texts and scenarios with expert translators. Only one question remains:

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