What is a Voice Over Studio?

Professional Voice Over Studio

What is a Voice Over Studio?

A voice-over studio covering a large area in many sectors It can be defined as a special room where the sound of various video recordings, especially instrumental and vocal musical performances, is processed. The sound studio basically consists of a studio and a director's room. In the studio section, there are artists who perform the dubbing process. Voice over worksIn these rooms, which are specially designed for China, all the equipment that will be needed and the necessary insulation are included as standard. Sound studios with at least one recording room are areas used for series, movie dubbing, animation and game dubbing and musical performances. 

Sound studios with various equipment support are more voice over agencies used by. The sound studio, which has a place in many sectors, is divided into three different groups. These studios are grouped as rehearsal, recording and home studios. Different stages of the dubbing process are performed in these three studios. The processing time may vary depending on the type, purpose and length of the content to be voiced in each studio type, and whether the content will be dubbed or not. In other words, the time spent in the sound studios is proportional to the size of the project. 

What are the Usage Purposes of the Voice Over Studio?

Since the soundstage studio has a wide area of use, it is a place where many operations are performed. These studios, most of which are located in Istanbul, are generally dubbing. and is preferred for musical studies. In addition, voice-over studios are used for the sounding of projects in fields such as movies, TV series, books and games. A voice-over studio is needed for all voice-over works, which are mostly carried out by voice-over agencies. Studios used in movies, TV series, video games or commercials make it easier to perform the dubbing work in cooperation with various brands.

Dubbing cast, who usually has theatrical talent in voice studios team is included. The support of the studios is required in order to provide the voice-over service, which is in high demand in the cinema, television, advertising and marketing sectors. With the development of technology, the purposes and areas of use of sound studios have expanded. Nowadays, these studios have also become the preferred medium for video games and animations. 

What are Professional Audio Studio Equipment?

sound studio

Today, the sound studios, which have all digital features, produce professional works with the combination of certain equipment. dubbing agencies In this sense, he starts to work by collecting the necessary equipment for the emergence of successful works by preserving the freshness and brightness of the sound.. Thanks to the features of sound studio equipment, which has a wide area of use, it offers sensitive sound recording. Considering the equipment used in the soundstage, it can be said that the most important part is the microphone. At this point, it is very important for studios to choose a high quality microphone and fulfill the principle of directional sensing and not creating static sound.

Professional sound studio equipment, which has a long-lasting use, consists of 6 product types. Accordingly, the basic equipment that a professional sounding studio should have; computer, studio recording microphone, studio mixer, reference monitor, headphones and sound card. Since these products have a strong material structure, they allow long-term use of soundstages. 

  1. Microphone: A quality microphone is one of the most important equipment of a professional soundstage. Generally, condenser microphones are preferred in studios.
  2. Microphone Strap: The microphone hanger is used to fix the microphone. By absorbing vibrations and other sounds, it provides a clearer sound recording.
  3. Pop Filter: The pop filter blocks out explosive sounds such as the letters “P” and “B”, resulting in a clearer sound recording.
  4. Earphones: Using headphones in the studio allows for clearer audio monitoring while recording. Studio headphones are divided into closed type and semi-open type.
  5. Audio Monitoring Speakers: Audio monitoring speakers are used to listen to the recorded sound. Quality speakers help to hear sounds more accurately.
  6. mixer: Mixer is used to edit, mix and export recorded audio. A professional mixer provides more flexibility and allows you to create higher quality sound recordings.
  7. Recorder: A high-quality recorder helps with accurate processing of recorded sounds. A professional voice recorder offers less noise, greater sensitivity and clearer sound quality.
  8. Computer and DAW Software: The computer and DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software are used to edit and manipulate recorded sounds. A professional DAW software offers more features and easier operation.
  9. Acoustic Arrangement: Acoustic editing materials are used to prevent reverberation, reverberation and other acoustic problems. These materials provide a clearer sound recording.
  10. Cable and Fasteners: Cable and fasteners are necessary for equipment to be connected together and to function properly.

Is a Professional Voice Over Studio Needed for Voice Over?

sound cast You may be a part of the team or you may be interested in the voice-over field. Many people working and considering working in this field have the question of whether a professional sounding studio is needed for voice-overs. In fact, there is no need for a professional studio to perform a voiceover. However, if a professional voiceover is to be done as a business, a professional voice-over studio should definitely be contacted. All the equipment in the studio has all the support needed to produce a quality and smooth voiceover. Even if the equipment needed in the home environment is found, factors that are not available will cast a shadow over professional voiceovers. Therefore, for a good voice-over project, there should be a professional voice-over studio. 

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