Brand Image Voiceover Guide for Brands

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Brand Image Voiceover Guide for Brands

Brand image voiceover is a brand personality. It expresses what a customer thinks about the brand and his perception about the brand. It ensures that the right emotional response is created, regardless of the area in which the brand is located. It reflects the way a brand speaks and communicates with its customers. Brand image voiceover is not just a voice, it represents the personality of the brand. This personality gains a place in the mind of the customer by reflecting the values of the brand with the determined customer contact tools. Brand image develops over time with a successful brand identity strategy. Brand strategies must be consistent and sustainable for brand image success. Brand image is formed not only by the use of the product or service, but also by the interaction with the brand. With strategic marketing activities, it is possible to create a brand image that includes both existing and potential customers.

The best way to ensure that the messages are conveyed and interpreted in the desired way among many similar companies is to position the brand image correctly and make it sustainable. Ensuring that a brand is perceived in the same way by all customers and creating a brand identity brings with it a strong image. A successful brand image manages to give the same message in the minds of all audiences. For example; Global brands such as Coca-Cola, Disney, Adidas, Nike have been able to achieve this.

To summarize the advantages of creating a strong brand image in terms of brand experience:

  • It helps build brand trust and loyalty by giving a consistent message.
  • It helps to establish a relationship between the target audience and the brand more easily.
  • It allows to retain control and shape ideas.
  • It helps develop a brand-specific style and personality.
  • Supports the creation of brand community.
  • It makes it easy to introduce new products under the same brand.
  • It helps to establish authentic interaction and lasting relationships with customers.
  • It contributes to new customer acquisition.

What is the Difference Between Image Voiceover and Advertising Voiceover?

Brand image voiceover tells the story of the brand. Strong feelings are aroused in the customer by voicing the "brand name" or "brand slogan" in advertising videos such as commercials, promotional films, viral videos. Brand image voice usually voices the brand slogan or brand name in the last part of the advertising videos. Powerful and accurately targeted voiceover means a lot to an advertisement.

Advertising voiceover is the use of image, sound and written text used to deliver the advertisement message. Choosing the appropriate voice for the brand character and advertisement scenario can be summarized as the voice that brings the advertisement text to life. The difference between advertising voiceover and image voiceover is that the slogan or brand name is voiced by a voice that is identified with the brand in image voiceover. Image voiceover is short and distinctive.

To explain with an example, the Motorola brand would be the right model. The Motorola brand used the "Hello Moto" sound at the end of all its advertisements and created an image voiceover that reached all audiences. This slogan was the first thing that came to mind about the brand. When you examine Motorola advertisements, it is immediately noticed that the advertisement texts have different content, and the image voiceovers always remain the same despite the advertisements being voiced by different voices. In this respect, image voiceover has made the brand unique by distinguishing it from advertising voiceovers. Image sei, which strengthens the brand message, also contributes to the retention of advertising voices.

Determining the Brand Image Voice Character

In order for your brand to stand out from its competitors and remain in people's memory, the brand image sound must be catchy and distinctive. You have to choose the right voice that will reflect your brand's personality, help you connect with the target audience, and differentiate you. In the selection of the image voice-over character, the sector in which your brand is located, your target audience, the communication channels used by your target audience, and your brand values are important.

According to the researches, in the selection of brand image voiceover, mainly "bass voice" and other definitions "low voice", "full voice" are preferred. Bass sounds, which are found reassuring, characteristic and charismatic by people, are impressive in brand image voiceover selection. When requesting image voiceover for your brand, you should be careful not to confuse it with brand voice. Although there are works where the same voice actor is both the brand voice and the image voice, you can ask for support from your professional voice-over agency in the selection of brand voice and brand image voiceover. The selection of the appropriate image voiceover for your brand takes place in line with the brief you will share with your agency. After the voice actor who will give life to the brand image voiceover is determined by the voiceover agency, it is presented to the customer and the image voice is selected in case of customer approval.

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