How to Make Radio Jingle and Dj Jingle?

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How to Make Radio Jingle and Dj Jingle?

In this article, we will inform you about the differences between Radio Jingle and Dj Jingle and how it is done. Actually, more accurately, we will call them Radio ID and DJ ID. We will talk about the correctness of using ID instead of Jingle by providing an accurate explanation of the IDs that are needed by the radio broadcasting industry and club DJs.

So what does this 'ID' mean? By definition, ID is a unique presentation for radio or DJ by definition in the broadcasting industry. These are short audio files in different formats that determine which radio they listen to and which DJ is at the broadcasting table by listening to this presentation and a guest who turns on the radio or goes to the club.

We now know that when Radio jingle or DJ jingle is mentioned, Radio ID and DJ ID should be understood as dubbing terms. Because the jingle agencies or voice-over agencies that produce these sound files professionally define such product names as ID.

Let's talk about how radio jingles or dj jingles are made...

What is RADYO ID and DJ ID?

A radio jingle or DJ jingle is a short, original and repetitive piece of music or slogan used to promote a radio station or DJ's brand and increase its recognizability. Radio jingles usually contain the name, frequency and slogan of a radio station, while DJ jingles are used to promote a DJ's name and program.. These jingles can be played between commercials, programs and other broadcasts, helping listeners quickly identify the brand of the radio station or DJ. As a voiceover term, these two are called Radio ID and DJ ID.

Jingles can be composed with a combination of music, sound effects, and vocal elements and are usually short and catchy. Radio jingles are an important part of a radio station's identity and play an important role in presenting a strong image of the brand to listeners.

Therefore, the words Radio ID and DJ ID as dubbing terms can be described as terms that you are frequently exposed to while listening to the radio, but perhaps you have never heard of it as a word meaning. 'ID' (pronounced ayydi) is an abbreviation of the English word “identity”. In addition to having different technical meanings, this word is also used in the media industry to refer to audio files prepared in an appropriate format, which is the "identity of the radio".

What are the Differences Between Radio ID and DJ ID?

The names “Radio ID” and “DJ ID” are also referred to as “radio jingle” and “DJ jingle” in the industry. Because the term jingle reminds us of marketing activities done with musical works in advertising. and jingles, which are used as an important tool in creating brand identity, are also an important tool in creating identity for radio and DJs.

We can say that radio and DJ IDs are 'public' promotions for radios and 'private' promotions for DJs because jingle /ID is a descriptive short musical element spoken of any station's name, frequency, channel number, DJ or show name. Over time, it has been discovered that a musical message is much more memorable than spoken messages, and it has been used frequently in the media industry. In addition, musicals are auxiliary elements in the general flow of the radio station, filling the gap between the transitions and making the listening process more exciting and fun. That's why IDs should be fun!

The style and attitude of the radio IDs tell the listener what to expect from the station, and often a jingle produced with a slogan or positioning phrase is the most effective way to reach the listener. With something crazy for the morning show or a romantic sound for the night time, radio IDs are part of the magic of the radio show. Also, a good jingle helps you create a unique identity for your radio station. After all, every radio station builds its product with the same basic tools: music, information, broadcasting personalities, contests, etc. but jingles are the way to put a personal touch on a station's sound.

To create local, regional, national and web radios, radio IDs in Turkey from voice-over agencies they get support. The ID creation process of the radios is replaced with new ones in each new broadcasting period. Because it is not desirable to be faced with an audience that listens to the same ID for a year and gets bored. For this reason, change is inevitable at certain periods. This also applies to DJ IDs. The important thing is that the radio broadcasters in Turkey follow other radios in order to make their IDs prepared for their radios unique from other competitors. Of course, this follow-up is also the responsibility of the voice-over agency. After all, no radio or DJ wants to advertise with an unoriginal jingle.

Radio ID and DJ IDs have entered the industry language since 1994, when private radio and television broadcasting began to shine, and voice-over and dubbing agencies serving on radio ID and DJ ID have delivered many studies on this subject to private radio and television. However, besides the publishing industry, we also come across DJ IDs in the entertainment industry. Usually DJs have an ID designed by them and added as a personal signature to their work. For example, in a nightclub, the DJ broadcasts his ID's between songs, advertising them and giving the guests pleasant moments.

Works known as radio ID and DJ ID in radio broadcasting are referred to by terms such as trailer, VTR, intro in television and cinema broadcasting. However, in television broadcasting, if there is a situation that introduces the identity of the broadcast, it would not be wrong to use the term ID instead of these terms. In other words, there is no harm in using it as a TV ID.

As a result, it is a good step for innovation and change that radio broadcasters welcome their listeners with a new identity by placing ID orders in each new broadcasting period. We believe that Radio and DJ IDs in the radio broadcasting sector will increase the quality of your work and strengthen your programs. We wish you good publications with your impressive IDs.

What Steps Are Followed for Radio Jingle Making?

Radio Jingle A brief is taken from the radio before starting the production of the songs. Reading texts prepared with unique slogans are prepared and presented to the radio management. Then the radio management does the voice selection for the Radio Jingle after the text confirmation. Then it was up to the sound design and effects stage of the voice-over agency. After the Radio Jingle design is finished, we can say that the radio now has an ID. Here are the steps:

  • briefing: For the making of the radio jingle, a briefing meeting is held by the client or the radio station. In this meeting, details such as the purpose of the radio jingle, target audience, message, style and format are discussed.
  • Idea Development: After the briefing meeting, he starts to develop ideas. At this stage, different ideas, slogans and musical genres are considered for the jingle.
  • Text Writing: After the ideas are clear, the appropriate text for the jingle is written. This text is written in accordance with the purpose of the jingle and arranged to harmonize with the music.
  • Music Selection or Composition: After the text is written, the appropriate music is chosen or specially composed for the jingle. This music is chosen in accordance with the purpose of the jingle and the target audience.
  • Jingle Voice Over: A suitable voice actor is selected for the jingle and the text is spoken. At this stage, detailed recording of music and vocalization is done.
  • Mixing and Montage: JAfter the sound recording for the single is completed, the music and voiceover are combined and the assembly process is done. At this stage, it is ensured that the jingle is of the right length and in a format suitable for the target audience.
  • Approval: After the jingle is completed, it is submitted for approval by the client or radio station. Necessary arrangements are made and the jingle is finalized.
  • Distribution: After the jingle is completed, it is distributed in the appropriate format and made ready for publication. Jingle can be used in radio stations, televisions, digital advertising spaces or different media platforms.

Which Steps to Follow for Dj Jingle?

Before starting the DJ Jingle production, a brief is taken about the DJ's program and in line with his wishes. The jingle text is prepared by choosing unique slogans for the DJ. The DJ chooses the ID voiceover to represent him in the next step.

voice actor By voicing these texts about the DJ, the sound design work is started. Therefore, all the steps for radio jingle are also valid for dj jingle making. When the Dj Jingle work is completed, we can say that the DJ now has an ID.


One of the most important issues in the production of Radio Jingle and Dj Jingle is your voice acting and your sound design It must be well chosen. We would like to correct a mistake: There is no such thing as Radio Jingle making programs or Dj Jingle making programs, but all audio editing programs can do sound design. Therefore, when most DJs search the internet for jingle making programs, they need to have knowledge of an important subject. There is no best Dj Jingle maker or Radio Jingle maker. We can say that it has the best sound designer.

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