Jingle Studios and Song Advertising

Jingle Studios and Song Advertising

Jingle Studios and Song Advertising

Undoubtedly, the mass media, which are indispensable in our lives, have managed to become one of the indispensables of our lives, with radio and television at first, and now with the internet world. Mass media, which occupy a very large part of our lives, are among the indispensables of the advertising world. The advertising world, which is competing with each other to reach larger audiences, how do I attract the attention of the target audience? What do I do to be more memorable? While seeking answers to such questions, of course, song ads, in other words jingles, come into play. So what does it take for song ads to be successful? Is every song commercial memorable? Today, while the consumption frenzy continues, it is not surprising to encounter a new product every day, but it is possible for a product to be remembered and become a generic brand with a good jingle.

What is a Generic Brand? How Do I Become a Generic Brand?

It is possible to come across a generic brand, which is the case of a brand's name being identified with the product and referred to as the name of the product, in our daily life. For example, tissue papers are generally referred to as "selpak" or our mothers say "buy you oil" instead of margarine. Being a generic brand for the sale of a brand is a very important gain. A successful jingle work is a big step for that product to become a Generic Brand, because melodies become a part of people's memory more quickly than words. In this, the jingle should have a structure that does not confuse, is short and introduces the product. While preparing the jingle, first of all, the SWOT analysis of the brand should be done. In the SWOT analysis, the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that the brand may face are evaluated, and the features of the product are determined and the most appropriate jingle is composed accordingly. In addition to these, the importance of the right music, the right composition and the right composer cannot be overemphasized, but of course, the exposure time of the listener is also very important for the jingle to be remembered.

Jingle and its effect on the listener

Effective frequency is very important from the moment the jingle is made and broadcast. The effective frequency shows how many times it needs to reach the target audience in order for the desired effect, namely the jingle, to be remembered. The exposure time of the target audience is directly proportional to the exposure time. After the jingle is published, "Day After Recall" tests are applied. These tests determine the recall rate 15-24 hours after the ad starts running. Thus, the success of the jingle is determined. When you think of the dozens of jingles that have survived their period and have become rosewood, if you think of biscuits, the name immediately comes to mind, If you want your father to remember and bring a country in the evening, If we grow up with Pınar or if we go to Koçtaş and love our house very much, this undoubtedly shows that a successful jingle production process has taken place. This is a kind of success of Jingle company.

Jingle Companies

Considering the companies that make jingles in Turkey, jingle applications and quality may vary. Jingle companies generally work with a focus on increasing the rate of retention and recall. A rich infrastructure work is required to increase the retention rate. Pricing may vary depending on the work performed and the company employed.

Istanbul has a good place in the world ranking in this sector and the companies working in this sector are increasing day by day.

From the production point of view, the production process of a jingle is a good teamwork from its arranger to its composer, from its composer to its vocals, and as long as this team is in harmony, success is inevitable.

There are 2 sections in jingle studios, just like in dubbing studios. These are the technical table where the lyrics and music are written and arranged, and the vocalization room where the vocalist sings the jingle.

The whole team comes together at the technical table and creates the lyrics and music, then the vocalist goes to the voiceover in the voice-over room and the jingle is outlined. It is returned to the technical table to arrange the sounds. After the necessary arrangements are made at the technical table, the sounds are sent to the company that advertises, and if the company approves the jingle, the jingle is presented to the audience via radio, television and the internet.

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