What is Motivational Movie Voice Over? How is it done?

Motivational Movie

What is Motivational Movie Voice Over? How is it done?

Motivational film dubbing is preferred especially for motivational film projects of global companies. So, how to make a good motivational movie voiceover? What is the importance of voice acting for a motivational film?

Today, global companies around the world; instead of using boring presentations to teach management theories, leadership and group dynamics and team management lessons, he prefers movies or what we call motivational films shot specifically for the company.. This is because it has been recognized that video images act as a powerful learning tool.

Motivational films prepared by companies for their own employees; Films prepared to support employees to work in a more productive and positive environment, to increase their trust and commitment to the workplace, and to ensure that they work with awareness of their responsibilities are called films. In general, movies are shot periodically with the topics on the agenda. In addition, these films are a method used to show the professionalism of the company.

Motivational movie dubbing refers to the voiceovers made for these motivational movies. The films will be preferred for dubbing, as they need to draw a reassuring image in which success stories are told in terms of content. voice actors also generally called bass – also called low and full voice – and baritone; women are chosen from artists with soprano and mezzo-soprano voices. Because it has been proven by years of experience that thicker and more stable sounds can create an extremely reassuring image if supported with the right accents.

What Should Be Considered for Motivational Movie Voiceover?

While voicing for motivational films, the voice talent in front of the microphone must comply with certain vocalization rules. We can summarize the most basic vocalization rules as follows;

  • First of all, the artist should do the text analysis well. He should understand the emotion of the text well and read with emphasis and intonation according to the emotion. Since our topic is motivational movies, the basic emotions required for these movies are; pride of success, gratitude and satisfaction for the support of its employees, and an energetic stance that will motivate them. Therefore, it is necessary to use a voice suitable for these feelings and to read so that naturalness can be captured and the right emotions can be conveyed to the employees. This change in sounds can only be made with the right emphasis and intonation.
  • Diction is another important rule for voice actors to pay attention to. No matter how successful the transfer of emotion with the right emphasis and intonation is, a reading style with articulation disorder will be extremely uncomfortable and unnatural for the listeners. In addition, the texts of the projects with timing constraints require fast reading and it is more difficult to catch fluency and not disrupt the articulation in the texts that will be read quickly. That's why it's important to work with experienced artists.
  • another one consideration is the use of diaphragm and head voice. voice actors, he should use his diaphragm and head voice in the best way while performing. It is technically more appropriate to use the head voice in texts with shorter sentences and the diaphragm in texts with long sentences. When these techniques are combined with a correct diction, it will be much easier to make a voiceover in accordance with the spirit of the text.

How Are Motivational Film Voiceover Fees Determined?

From a professional point of view, motivational films - promotional films - that we think organizations should have are not very expensive production works. Budgets vary according to the length of the video to be made, the filming venues, the technical equipment to be used, whether it contains actors, the stamp price of the voice actor contracted for the dubbing, and the production processes such as montage and editing to be done at the end of the shooting.

Motivational films are films that are generally used in training and development programs of enterprises and aim to increase the motivation of employees. Good voice acting is required for these films to be transmitted effectively. Motivational movie voiceover fees may vary depending on different factors.

  • Duration: Motivational film duration is an important factor in voiceover fees. Because a longer movie requires more effort and time.
  • Build quality: A quality motivational movie deserves a professional voiceover. Therefore, the level of quality desired by the producer can affect the price.
  • Voice actor: An experienced and renowned voice actor may charge a higher fee. Therefore, the selected voice actor's fee may change the motivational movie voiceover fee.
  • Company: There may be price differences between the voice-over companies. Prices may vary depending on the quality of the firm and customer satisfaction.
  • Rights: The rights regarding whether the sound recording to be used for the movie can be used only for the movie or in other projects may change the price.

As a result of the evaluation of all these factors together, the motivational film voiceover fees are determined. But in general, the fee to be paid for a professional motivational movie voiceover will be in a competitive price range to suit businesses' budgets.

What are the Study Areas Where Motivational Films Are Used?

Motivational films can actually be adapted to all work areas. We can list the commonly used workspaces as follows:

  • Institutions and organizations,
  • Government agencies
  • Museums,
  • Dealers,
  • classrooms,
  • Factories,
  • dance schools,
  • sports centers,
  • Hotels,
  • restaurants,
  • Chain companies etc.

If your company operates in a sector similar to these fields of work, contracting with a reliable and experienced voice-over agency for the dubbing phase of the motivational film you plan to prepare is one of the most important steps to meet your expectations and produce an effective project. Do not forget that even the simplest sentences with an effective reading will work in the minds is the correct voice-over work.

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