Who is Sinan Pekinton?

Who is Sinan Pekinton?

Who is Sinan Pekinton?

Sinan Pekinton, who was awarded the 2007 Best Actor Award from the Art Institute, takes his place in the memories mostly with his theater acting. In addition to acting and directing in theater, it is possible to see Pekinton in prominent TV series. Cesur ve Güzel is one of the TV series that Sinan Pekinton has been in recently. What about the famous theater and actor Who is Sinan Pekinton

We often see on television screens and at the microphone. Sinan Pekinton stands out with his identity as an actor, voice actor and theater actor. The famous actor is also behind the stage, taking on roles such as theater director and trainer. Famous actor and voice actor Sinan Pekinton contributes to the birth of new artists by giving various trainings at Selçuk University and Anadolu University. Having graduated from Hacettepe University Ankara State Conservatory, Pekinton is a name who has carried out both an artist identity and an educator.

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Sinan Pekinton Biography: Who is Sinan Pekinton?

Famous actor and voice actor Sinan Pekinton was born on September 11, 1960. Born in Istanbul, Sinan Pekinton received his university education at Hacettepe University Ankara State Conservatory. Having graduated from here in 1984, Pekinton's first play as an actor was Of Mice and Men. Pekinton, who shaped his career as an actor, director, theater, cinema and TV series actor, started his career with theater.

Sinan Pekinton, who built the foundations of the profession with theater acting in 1987, quickly climbed the career ladder. Peking, which has made a name for itself with countless theater plays, has met with its audience both on the stage and on the television screens. The famous name, who managed to go beyond theatrical acting, has improved himself in many ways by taking part in many TV series and movies.

famous actress Sinan Pekinton biography When we look at it, he has been in front of the screen with TV series and film projects since 1998. It is possible to see Pekinton, who also participates in voice-over works, both in front of the stage and in front of the microphone. Pekinton does voice-over work, especially in cartoons and animation projects. Sinan Pekinton, one of the sought-after voices of dubbing, also takes part in the Turkish dubbing of Far East TV series. 

Sinan Pekinton, who has appeared in many TV series, movies and theater projects throughout his life, still continues to work. In recent years, the famous actress Pekinton has taken her place on the stage as a theater actress. A play directed by Sinan Pekinton, who continues his duty as a theater director, is Chimpanzees.

We see Peking, who has specialized in more than one field throughout her life, while teaching at many universities. The famous actor continues to give acting and effective speaking trainings at important universities in order to pass on his knowledge and experience to the younger generations. 

Who is Sinan Pekinton?

Who is Sinan Pekinton as an Artist?

Sinan Pekinton takes his place on the screen as a famous theater, cinema and TV series actor. Cadı Cauldron and Hürrem Sultan are the most famous plays of Pekinton, which have appeared in many theater plays to date. Pekinton, who is remembered for his theater acting, is also a good TV actor.

We see Sinan Pekinton in the cast of Kurtlar Vadisi, which is among the TV series that marked a period. famous actress Sinan Pekinton Valley of the Wolves He plays the role of judge in the movie Galadio. Pekinton, who appeared in different roles throughout her artistic life, also appeared in the most popular TV series of the period. Theater acting and teaching have always come to the fore in Sinan Pekinton's artistic life.

Pekinton, who is both an actor and director on the theater stage, appears before the audience with his theater plays that attract great attention. The famous theater actor also works as a director at various universities as well as the stage. We see the master actor working as a theater director at Hacettepe, Bilkent, Anadolu and Selçuk Universities. Pekinton, who is more interested in theater acting, also does not hold back from television series.

Famous actor Sinan Pekinton comes to the screen with Behzat Ç, the prominent TV series of a period. Behzat C Sinan Pekinton A production for which he plays a tough and authoritarian character. Sinan Pekinton plays the authoritarian judge Hikmet Tufan, the father of the forensic scientist Barbaros.

The master TV series and film actress Pekinton has recently appeared in the series Cesur ve Güzel, in which Tuba Büyüküstün and Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ shared the lead roles. Sinan Pekinton Bold and Beautiful He gave life to the character of Çetin Vardar in the TV series. Pekinton appeared as the father of the character of Banu in this series, which is about the events of the legendary Süphan and Cesur.

Currently continuing his artistic life, Sinan Pekinton is mostly involved in the theater field. In this career journey where theater directing comes before acting, we see Pekinton in different projects. The last play directed by Pekinton, who has managed to fit a lot of experience and works into his artistic life, is Shadow Master, which was staged in 2022.

We can list the theater plays in which the famous actor took part as follows;

  • Witch Cauldron
  • Of Mice and Men
  • Deers Curses
  • Macbeth
  • Hurrem Sultan
  • tit for tit

Sinan Pekinton Voiceover Artist

Sinan Pekinton is behind the scenes as well as the theater stages and television screens. famous actress Sinan Pekinton appears in a different field with his voice-over works.

Peking, who is in front of the microphone, is a famous voice actor who has given voice to many brand's commercials. famous actress Sinan Pekinton dubbing By combining his works in the field with theater, he manages to produce perfect works. Pekinton also participates in theaters as a voice-over. We can list the voice-over works of the master actor Pekinton, who knows the subtleties of the art of voice acting and combines it with acting, as follows;

  • Aslan Hürkuş Our Mission Gökbey: Master actor and voice actor Sinan Pekinton appears in the animation genre Aslan Hürkuş, Our Mission Gökbey. Voice actor Pekinton is the guest of Aslan's ongoing adventure all over the country, who met with Gökbey in this exciting film. of Beijing
  • Aslan Hürkuş: The Lost Diamond: The movie Aslan Hürkuş, starring Sinan Pekinton, aims to instill aviation and national technology to school-age children. In this exciting and adventurous movie, Pekinton does some fun.
  •  Jewel in the Palace: Sinan Pekinton gave his voice to the character of Deuk-gu in the TV series Jewel in the Palace.
  • Criminal Minds: We see master actor Sinan Pekinton in the Turkish voice cast of Criminal Minds, which is broadcast on TRT screens.
  •  Emperor of the Seas: In Emperor of the Seas, one of the most popular TV series in the Far East, the liberation of a sea merchant from slavery is handled. Pekinton gives voice to the character of Lisado in this series.
  • Code name: We see Sinan Pekinton voicing Levent İnanır in the TV series Code Name, which focuses on illuminating an unsolved murder.

Who is the voice actor Sinan Pekinton?

Who Sang Sinan Pekinton?

Sinan Pekinton, who has appeared in many TV series, movies and animations, creates successful works with his voice. Master actor and dubbing artist, Pekinton is one of the most sought after names in Turkish dubbing of Far East TV series. Sinan Pekinton, who combines his voice and acting talent, stands out mostly with his TV series voiceovers. Here are the domestic and foreign actors voiced by Sinan Pekinton;

  • Levent Believes: Famous actor and voice actor Sinan Pekinton is the voice of Turkish characters as well as Turkish dubbing works. We see Pekinton, the voice of actor Levent İnanır, in the TV series Code Name. Pekinton gives voice to the character of Hasan Aladağ, played by İnanır.  
  • lisado : Sinan Pekinton was in the Turkish voiceover of Emperor of the Seas, which is one of the most watched Asian TV series of a period. Famous actress Pekinton gave voice to the character of Lisado in this drama series.
  • Deuk- gu: Sinan Pekinton, who stands out with his Asian voiceovers, takes his place in the Turkish voice cast of the series Jewel in the Palace. Pekinton voices Deuk-gu in this drama series.
  • Jason Gideon: In this series, which tells the story of a special team working in the behavioral analysis unit in Virginia Quantico, Sinan Pekinton appears in the Turkish voice cast. Pekinton is the voice of Jason Gideon in this series.

Sinan Pekinton Contact

Sinan Pekinton, who managed to combine his acting and the art of voice acting, is frequently mentioned with his TV series projects as well as his commercials. Master actor Sinan Pekinton participates in various works within BiberSA Production. Voice actor Pekinton continues to be the voice of brands by taking the microphone for BiberSA.

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