Social Media Voice Over

social media voiceover

Social Media Voice Over

Although social media voice-over is offered within the scope of advertising voice-over service, it has recently become much more preferred than ad voice-over service.

Dubbing and dubbing are undoubtedly among the most important jobs in the media production sector. Voice Over and dubbing are the signature messages of your world of ideas that are reflected to large audiences. That's exactly why it's so important. While voice-over and dubbing socialize your brand, your competitiveness increases with interaction. Voice-produced content contains powerful messages, and its effect lasts for many years. Now, let's examine how voice-over and dubbing socialize your brand.

Advertising agencies, dubbing and dubbing agencies, digital agencies, etc. All idea producers want everyone to hear and see the commercial content they prepare. It wouldn't be bad if more people could see it and hear it. These visual and audio contents are commercials, promotional films, viral advertisements, radio advertisements, jingles. These prepared commercial contents are presented to their target audiences by PR makers and media planning agencies. Recently trending social media ads, which are broadcast channels such as facebook, google, instagram, twetter, youtube. Planning a visual content prepared for these channels allows you to reach millions. Millions of relevant people see, hear and know your brand. Visual content prepared with the purchase of a voice-over service also makes a great impression with its voice message. Before the Internet became widespread, there were radio and television which were popular as mass media. Radio ads were very popular. In periods when radio listening rates are high, a brand that tries to reach its target audience with radio advertisements cannot receive feedback from the broadcast of a brand advertisement. However, a brand that advertises through social media can instantly monitor the return of the advertisement. The age range, gender, education level, etc. of the viewers of the ad. It was possible to develop a strategy by seeing the data.

Voice Over and Social Media Integration

In the content of social media voice-over services, there are many types of advertisements such as commercials, promotional films, viral advertisements published on social media. With its staff of professional voice actors, Bibersa Production offers solutions to companies in this field. The sound of advertisements published on social media will greatly increase the impact of your brand on the audience. Because the visual content, which does not only consist of images, but also spends effort, will positively affect the viewer's opinion about the advertiser. One of the areas where voice over is effective is youtube content on social media. Recently, the rapidly increasing number of youtube channels affects the media production sector in a positive way. While the voice-over and dubbing industry needed in Youtube channels is satisfied, it is important for the advertiser. Because the visual content that has been voiced has a great effect on the audience.

Today, the success of your brand and product on social media platforms depends on how accurate and well-prepared your content is. Of course, there are important criteria for producing high-performance content. So, what are these social media content types?

Video Content Production in Social Media

There are different social media content such as blog, visual, video, live video, announcement. Video content, which is the most effective among social media ads and leaves a mark on the audience, is increasing its market share day by day. Online videos account for more than half of all consumer internet traffic. Now, not only video platforms such as Youtube, but also the most prestigious and growing social media channels of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin focus on video promotional films and commercials.

Where is Social Media Content Voiceover Used?

If you want to attract the attention of your customers and target audience about your brand, product or service, video ads should be at the top of your marketing strategy! With the video content published on social media channels, you can give an idea about your company, emphasize your value, and turn this interaction into sales by creating interest in your products and services. Social media content voiceover, which is used in video content used in numerous fields such as entertainment, promotion, sales, translation, communication and education, plays an active role in the success of the videos.

Social media content voiceover service is preferred in different video types such as whiteboard animation, commercial film, e-learning (electronic learning), promotional film, documentary. It is important that the video content voiceovers made by the voice-over and dubbing artists are made in accordance with the purpose and the content, and the right voice is chosen for the project.

Video voiceover services are mostly used in whiteboard animation, commercials and promotional film contents. Whiteboard animation is the process by which an author physically draws and saves a picture story using a whiteboard or whiteboard-like surface and felt-tip pens. Animations are often backed by script. What makes the whiteboard animations, which are preferred in digital platforms - especially Youtube - television and internet advertisements, effective is the correct voiceover and selected according to the suitability of the story. the voice actor performance.

Success of Correct Voice Over

Since the contents of commercials and promotional films are limited in time, it is important to deliver the message correctly during this time. Social media commercials are generally edited for 30 seconds. A good script, strong production, and effective content voiceover are all you need to capture the audience's attention and deliver the message within 30 seconds. Choosing the appropriate sound for the project, choosing the right music means a successful social media content voiceover. While the duration for promotional films is set as short as possible, the scenario needs to be voiced by the right voice within this limited time.

Social media viewing statistics also show that video content is watched for 0-27 seconds on average. As can be seen from the statistics, there is a 20-second period for voiceover in a 30-second video content. In this short period of time, it is possible to attract the attention of the audience and give the targeted message with a successful voiceover. Social media content voiceover adds a human touch to videos, while choosing the right and authentic sound makes the video attract more attention.

Research shows that the quality of social media content voiceover is twice as important as the message delivered. As BiberSA Production Voice Over and Dubbing Agency, we provide services with our sound bank, professional sound recording studios and sectoral experience where hundreds of professional talents come together in your social media content voiceover projects.

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