Why is Switchboard Announcement Important for Corporate Identity?

What is Central Announcement?

All businesses need corporate identity to guide their marketing strategies and build relationships with customers. Today, the announcement of the power plant is among the items that make up the corporate identity. When your customers interact with your company by making a phone call, it's the voice they hear. While many companies allocate high budgets every year for brand awareness and customer satisfaction, PBX announcement services, where they can contact the customer every day, are of great importance. Brands act with the awareness that having a professional announcement voice on all platforms and interaction points creates trust and loyalty in customers. In this article, you can find all the curious information about the central announcement, how to choose the central announcement sound, and the recording formats of the switchboard announcements.

What is Central Voice Over?

Switchboard announcement services, known as switchboard voiceover services, are a voice command system preferred by companies in phone calls. Voice recordings prepared to direct calls and provide information are called switchboard announcements. Public institutions and brands serving in the private sector strengthen their corporate identities by using the switchboard announcement service in order to inform their customers, direct them to the right department, and provide service.

During the day, you will encounter many examples of switchboard announcement services such as the following to get information and take action by calling.

“Welcome to our company.
If you know the extension number of the person you are calling, dial it.
If you don't know;
1 for sale,
2 for accounting,
3 for human resources,
Please press 0 to connect to the customer representative.”

You can provide the right support and service to your customers by improving your call center experience with the professional switchboard announcement services you will create for your brand.

Switchboard Announcement Voice Selection

How does a company select a voice talent to record switchboard announcements? The sound chosen for the switchboard announcement represents the image of your company, while leaving an impression on your customer about the professionalism and quality level of your brand. With the switchboard announcement, it is possible to save your customers from long waiting times and to have a good brand experience by welcoming your brand with a sound that reflects correctly. You can take a step forward in branding and building relationships by informing your customer calling you with the right voice and text.

A professional voice-over agency should be worked with to choose the right sound that is compatible with your brand for the central voiceover service. It is important to choose a tone that will match the corporate identity of the brand as much as the technical skill in the selection of the announcement sound. The central announcement sound varies according to the sector and brand. For example; When we consider the health sector, the voice of a private hospital should have a serious intonation. A brand that appeals to young people, on the other hand, may prefer a more dynamic and cheerful central announcement sound. For the central announcement sound that is compatible with your brand, you should get support from professional voice-over agencies with sectoral experience, as we mentioned above.

Another point to be noted here is that even though the brand and sector are different in the services received from some companies that sell switchboard systems, the announcement sounds are the same. In order to avoid this situation, you should listen to different sound samples from the voice-over and dubbing agency and choose the voice-over artist that will best reflect your corporate identity.

Switchboard Announcement Formats

The output format of the recordings made for the switchboard announcement services is taken according to the characteristics of the switchboard to be used. Switchboards are divided into three sections: analog telephone exchanges, IP telephone exchanges, and digital (digital) telephone exchanges. There are audio formats such as PCM signed 8 bit, 16 bit, µ-Law, 8000 Hz Mono, wav, mp3, xac, m4a, wma. Wav and Mono formats are widely used in switchboard announcement services. The format that does not tire the sound quality and the capacity of the power plant should be preferred. In addition to the sound recording format, the sound quality is also important in the central announcement recordings. Recordings are required in professional sound recording studios.

Remember, in order to leave a positive impression on your customers and potential customers, it is important that the switchboard announcement services are recorded in a professional sound recording studio with the right voice. As BiberSA Production Voice Over and Dubbing Agency, we assist you in choosing the right voice for switchboard announcement services, bring you together with a voice actor who will be compatible with your brand among hundreds of voice talents, and record in our professional sound recording studios.

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