Successful Advertising Scenarios

Great ideas for Effective Advertising Slogans

Advertising has many components, including slogan, script, sound, images, trademark and layout. The first thing that forms the backbone of an advertisement is the advertisement scenario. In advertisement scenarios, explanations are told according to event, place, place, character, slogan, dialogue; product, service, brand promotion. The catchy slogan, well-constructed story, clear and catchy dialogue, advertisement face, advertisement sound and advertisement scenario form a whole. Advertising scenarios should be simple and impressive. A perfect advertising scenario, by promoting the product, brand and service correctly, affects the audience, stays in mind and encourages them to buy.

Here are a few examples of ad scenarios:

Scenario with the "Dogus Tea" Concept:

The man enters the cafe with a thermos in his hand. He tells the tea man a cup of tea and sits down at the table. He takes a sip of the incoming tea and doesn't like it. He empties the glass to a suitable place and fills the empty glass with the tea in his thermos. While the man is enjoying his tea, the people around start looking at him. The tea shop is slightly angry. Someone from the next table asks “No, fellow”. Pointing to the thermos, the man says loudly, “Where is Ben, Doğuş Çay is there”.

The next day, when everyone comes with a thermos, the tea maker immediately sends his apprentice to buy Doğuş Tea.

Venue: A village cafe

Actors: Cooker, tea boy

Extras: coffee people

Figures coffee

Scene 1 general shot;

  • Coffee opens in the morning, the cook brews tea x brand tea (image censored)
  • The coffee begins to fill up.
  • Cooker's teas scream rabbit blood. (He tells the nation that he has just brought the tea from outside, adding honey.)
  • He puts the full teas, the teas are blurry and bad, and the people go bad.
  • In the two fight scenes, the known extras are effaced.
  • Someone shows a local tea and the tea maker brews it, everyone is happy, the tea maker kisses the package.
  • Çaycı; Homeland tea says forgive me, you are one, if I betray you again, it says two.

Screenplay with Omo “So Much Beyond White” Concept:

This ad takes place in an arena. There is an angry bull on the field and a matador opposite him. The matador does not have any cloth in his hand. The matador is trying to make the bull angry with his hand gesture, finally the bull gets very angry and starts running towards the matador, while the matador takes a white cloth from his back and opens it towards the bull with both hands. The bull cannot look at this snow-white cloth, he is dazzled and stumbles to the ground as he runs. Meanwhile, the voice-over says “THE POWER OF OMO, DAZZLING WHITE” and the ad ends.

Scenario with the Concept of “Embrace Allure”:

In the early hours of the morning, Mehmet Efendi takes his way to the grocery store with drowsy eyes. When he comes to his shop, he sees that his door is open, he enters in a confused state and tries to understand what is going on and excitedly calls the police. When the team arrives, they realize that a thief has entered the shop, but they think, "for some reason, everything is in place". It is later understood that what was stolen is only a box of Albeni.

A voiceover is then heard:


Scenario with the Concept of Allure "Through Life"

The young girl is on the bridge to commit suicide. Everyone gathers around the girl and tries to persuade her not to commit suicide, but to no avail.

They bring the girl a latest model car, she doesn't want it, they want to give the bag full of money, the girl shakes her head in a funny way and keeps crying and doesn't want the money.

They bring her lover, the girl stops crying, there is silence, her lover smiles, but the girl shakes her head again and starts to cry again.

Everyone is bored now. Just then, a little boy among the people watching the girl is getting allure. The boy who is alluring is walking towards the girl. He takes out Allure from his pocket and hands it to the girl. The girl refuses to commit suicide.

The slogan appears:


Nokia 6710 “Big Breakthrough” Concept Scenario

This scenario takes place in the 1940s, in a scholar's home, in his study. The room has a wooden desk. On the table is an abacus for calculation on the right, and an old magnetic dial telephone on the left. A crude, crude calendar on the wall; In the other corner of the room is a stone record playing the jingle, and on the back of the man is a primitive clock reminding him of their appointment.

While this wise person is dealing with something at his desk, the clock standing behind him rings and a piece of paper on which the appointment is written falls from the clock. The man takes the paper and reads it, realizes it's time for the appointment, and puts on his jacket and goes out the door and takes a few steps, stops, puts his hand in his jacket pocket as if he forgot something and looks towards the door. (Because everything the man needs is left at home: abacus, appointment time, calendar, record, phone)

The man turns to the front. With the period towards the front of the man, the house changes and becomes a stylish house. The man, on the other hand, turns into a shaved beard with today's clothes. (By the way, the man's hand still hasn't come out of his pocket, and the "I forgot something" expression on his face has not disappeared.)

Then the man notices the cell phone in his pocket and takes it out of his pocket. Then, the expression “did I forget something” on the man's face disappears, instead the expression “I forgot it is in my pocket” and the man continues on his way.

Meanwhile, external audio:


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