Turkey's Best Sound Bank: BiberSA Production

Turkey's best sound bank

Turkey's Best Sound Bank: BiberSA Production

Voice casting is the platform where voice actors come together to inform the audience or listeners, such as radio and television commercials, documentaries, corporate narratives, audio books, online trainings, telephone greeting voices.

As BiberSA Production Dubbing and Dubbing Agency, we have created this portfolio that shows the capacity and talents of the voice actors who perform microphone acting. sound bank we say.

What Are the Important Qualifications of a Professional Voice Over Artist?

Professional voice actors There are basic criteria taken into consideration when selecting the voices in this field, which we will refer to as a CV. Becoming a professional voice actor requires a lot of skill. The artist's ability to use vocal techniques is of great importance in the evaluations made for voice casting. The main factors that should be taken into consideration when choosing a voice actor are technical features such as diction, voice intensity, voice rhythm; Voice timbre and experience comes through.

Above all, a voice actor must have excellent diction and be able to maintain natural articulation regardless of the type and content of the sound recording. However, a professional voice actor must have the ability to change the tone and personality of his voice to perfectly match the characteristics and purpose of a recording. He should be able to adapt his voice according to the rhythm of speech, adapt to different projects and perform a vocalization in accordance with the purpose and spirit of the work.

Considering these criteria, it is necessary not to experience articulation disorders at the first stage, to have a good command of all diction rules, to read the texts with the right emphasis and intonation in order to be evaluated in the voice cast selections. Correct pronunciation and intonation rules, as well as timbre, are evaluated. Having a good voice is not enough to be a professional voice actor. If the above-mentioned sound techniques are not mastered, having an impressive sound timbre will not be effective in choosing the sound cast. Nice sound timbre, but together with technical skill, will give an advantage in choosing a voice cast. Finally, market experience, the projects involved and the quality of the project are taken into consideration in the selection of the sound cast.

Do You Have To Have A Special Tone To Be In The Soundbank?

To elaborate on the definition of sound timbre briefly mentioned above, sound timbre or sound color is expressed as the auditory sensations produced by a sound wave. In other words, it refers to the characteristics of a sound that help you distinguish it from another sound. To explain with a simple example, you can distinguish between your mother's and your grandmother's voices because each of them has a unique timbre. The sound waves you create when speaking allow you to be recognized by others. So, does every voice actor who wants to be on this platform with us need to have an impressive voice?

The sounds you hear in visual and audio broadcasts in daily life are actually the result of choosing the right sound color. Although having an impressive voice timbre is an advantage in the voice-over industry, the important thing is to use voice timbre in the right projects. With a trained voice, the right project selection and experience, it is possible to take part in BiberSA Production voice casting as a professional voice actor. In the industry, voices are evaluated as educated or uneducated. You can work with a voice trainer to determine the sound quality and tone, use the voice correctly, and get support on voice management.

How to Determine the Stamp Cost of the Voice Cast?

The stamp price of the audio cast varies according to the project category and where it will be broadcast. Depending on talent and experience, the stamp price of the voice cast is determined in two ways. Professional voice actors who have proven their experience and gained a certain reputation with the projects they have realized in the sector have a stamp price that they set for themselves. In the other alternative, the voice cast agencies determine the stamp price and pay the voice actors depending on the project budget. People who are new in the sector usually work within the stamp price determined by the voice-over agencies.

What are the benefits of having thousands of voice-over artists in the voice-over and dubbing industry?

The most important advantages of agencies or productions that provide services in the voice-over and dubbing industry include a strong technical infrastructure, experience and diversity in terms of voice-over artists. So, what are the advantages of BiberSA Production working with thousands of voice actors?

  • Variation: Numerous artists increase the diversity of sounds and expressions. Different tones, accents, and sound quality mean more options for a variety of projects.
  • Rivalry: When there are thousands of voice actors, competition increases, which often leads to higher quality and lower costs.
  • Coverage: More voice actors means greater coverage across languages, dialects, and accents. This is crucial for all forms of media in our globalized world.
  • Employment Opportunities: The need for more artists in the voice-over industry means more jobs and employment opportunities.
  • Innovation and Creativity: Each artist brings their own unique approach to voice acting. Thousands of artists foster innovation and creativity in the industry.
  • Cultural Awareness and Understanding: Voice actors from different cultures bring their own cultural understanding and sensitivities to voice-over and dubbing projects. This is especially valuable when creating content in a variety of languages and cultures.
  • Flexibility: The multitude of voice actors provides a wide talent pool for all types of projects and needs. If an artist cannot take part in a particular project, another artist can quickly take his place.

That's why having thousands of artists in the voice-over and dubbing industry is a great advantage.

BiberSA Production Sound Bank is Now Its Own Brand!

Voice-over agencies, which can offer different voice colors to companies that want to receive voice-over services, especially advertising agencies and production companies operating in the media production sector, contain suitable voices for different projects, and keep their voice bank up-to-date, have determined the criteria for creating good voice casts in this way. In accordance with this policy, Ses Bank has developed enough to become a brand in its own name!

The Ses Bank name is now a brand in conjunction with BiberSA Production and constitutes its own service area. Ses Bank, which has now created its own brand with its voice cast reaching thousands of people, also hosts thousands of famous voice actors.

As BiberSA Production Voice Over and Dubbing Agency, we are proud to be among Turkey's trusted and respected voice-over agencies with our rich portfolio in our sound bank. With the responsibility of holding the title of the best sound cast, we share the sound cast portfolio we created at sectoral organizations and fairs with production companies; We continue to take part in many projects in the national and global market. Click the button below to choose the sound suitable for your project from the BiberSA Production Dubbing and Dubbing Agency sound bank, which includes Turkey's best voice actors and talents.

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