Video Audio Program

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Video Audio Program

Voice and dubbing Video translation is among the indispensable works in his works. The Turkish dubbing of a foreign language video or its translation into Turkish subtitles is done within a program. The video voiceover program consists of several stages. These stages are; Translating the video, Creating an audio cast for the video, Dubbing the video, Video subtitles, etc.

Video Translation and Voice Over

In the voice-over studios, videos are translated from foreign language to Turkish within the video voice-over program. Videos that are voiced in Turkish are also translated into foreign languages within the voice-over program. Video contents are generally content such as commercials, promotional films, promotional films, desktop advertisements, prerolls, educational videos.

Video Translation: The video to be translated is written in the language in which it was first voiced. Then it is translated into the language to be voiced. The translated text is converted into equivalent sentences with time problems caused by language differences. These transformations are organized in a way that preserves the semantic integrity. Then the voiceover and dubbing are started.

Choosing the video sound: The voice-over selection is made in the language of the translated video. While making this selection, care is taken to choose a sound that is close to the narration in the original language of the video. If the original music of the video can be found, it is used, if not, a music close to the original is purchased.

Video Voice Over: In the video dubbing phase, the voiceover in the language to be voiced is sent to post production to be assembled, by reading from the text after a few rehearsals and recording the dubbing in wav format. If there are some effects to be done on the sound, the sound technician will do them. The final is made by mounting the voice over the image. Documentary-like video content is assembled with the logic of dubbing. Sound is recorded by reading over the image.

Video subtitles: According to the demand, the subtitle process is applied to the video whose translation and voiceover process is completed. Subtitles are placed in timecodes in accordance with that language in which language is desired. The video voice over services made within the program are known as the general name. According to the content of the project, they are also referred to as commercial film dubbing, promotional film dubbing. Some companies, especially Franchising companies, prefer to have their brand videos made abroad by dubbing and dubbing agencies in Turkish. The permissions obtained in the amount of broadcasting rights allowed by the foreign advertising production company are limited to a certain period of time and certain broadcasting channels.

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