What Does Natural Language Voiceover Mean for Foreign Language Voice Over?

Native Foreign Language Voice Over Artists

What Does Natural Language Voiceover Mean for Foreign Language Voice Over?

Foreign language voice-over and dubbing services DVD is an integral part of documentary, film, video game, promotional, advertising, e-learning and other audiovisual media on radio or television. In the last 200 years, the content has been enriched and the usage areas have increased in parallel with the diversification of the broadcasting organs, which started with radio, with the technological developments in time, with different media production areas such as television and internet broadcasting. Developing technology has offered the chance to access news channels and watch movies in foreign languages at any point in the world, thanks to broadcasting opportunities. Broadcasting organs have become digitalized and have become indispensable for internet broadcasting organs. Therefore, it is not necessary to provide services abroad for foreign language voice-overs, and for the existence of the brand, voice-over in foreign languages increases significantly.

Thanks to global broadcasts, we can now access different content from all over the world, such as news, movies, TV series, documentaries and games. However, in many branches of the media production sector, the need for voice over in a foreign language is increasing as well as the domestic voice over. A high-quality natural foreign language voice actor instantly localizes various content and acts as a bridge to communicate between linguistic and cultural differences. Today, the demand for voice-over and dubbing services in foreign languages such as English, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Russian, German and Chinese is increasing.

What Does Natural Language Speak Mean for Foreign Language Voice Over?

What is emphasized in foreign language voice-over services is that the voice-over for the target language speaks that language as the "mother tongue".. WellEnglish voice over To get support from native English-speaking voice actors. Performing the voice over in a foreign language with the dominance of the mother tongue naturally, with the right accents and accents, is expressed in the voiceover language as "natural foreign language voice over" or "mother tongue voiceover".

It is essential for the quality of the work that the voice-over and dubbing artists who will record foreign language voice-overs have a command of this language and reflect that language to the audience and listeners as local users. Natural foreign language voice actors will not only have your voice in your projects in different fields such as radio, film, documentary, presentation, but also become a cultural ambassador telling your brand.

Natural Foreign Language Voiceover Processes

Foreign language voice overThe foreign language vocalization process consists of several important steps. Determining the natural foreign language voice actor, translating the text to be voiced correctly, and recording the voice in a professional environment are the general steps of the process.

Text translation

After the foreign language voice-over or dubbing project is shared with the voice-over agency, the text / scenario is translated into the language to be voiced. Depending on the sector and subject of the project to be voiced, the translations are made by professional translators while preserving the essence of the scenario.


Native Foreign Language Voice Over Artist Selection and Voice Recording

There are two different options for voice actor selection and voice recording process:

  1. Online voiceover sites
  2. Professional dubbing and dubbing agencies

Websites that offer online voice-over services mainly provide a service with voice-over artists who have a home sound recording studio. After selecting the appropriate voice for your project among the recorded voices on the website, pricing is made according to the text content. Since there is no studio cost in this alternative, the pricing is determined accordingly.

Choosing online voice over sites for this service may cause some problems. One of the few problems that may occur in websites that offer natural foreign language voice-over services is not being able to find an official who will take care of you personally and there is no guarantee for the quality of service. Although it is a suitable alternative for small projects and low-budget works, it should not be preferred for professional works and large projects..

Getting support for your project by collaborating with professional voice-over and dubbing agencies gives you a 360-degree service advantage in choosing a natural foreign language voice actor, translation support by professional translators, and recording in sound recording studios.

BiberSA Production, which is a pioneer in its sector in professional dubbing, offers the opportunity to work with foreign language voice actors residing in the country, as well as with artists living abroad thanks to its global collaborators. in the soundbank While listening to the appropriate voices for your project by listening to the voice actors, you can also ask the agency for support and guidance in choosing the right voice. You can also get correction and revision services when necessary, helping you at every stage from the beginning to the final stage of the project.

The Importance of Working with Professional Agencies

As BiberSA Production, Voice Over and Dubbing Agency, we support your projects with our professional recording studios, giving importance to the correct pronunciation of each word and the reading of the nuances of the text with the professional voice actors who speak the language of their choice as their mother tongue.

In addition to voice actors whose local languages are English, German, Arabic, French, Russian, Italian and Spanish, we work with a wide range of voiceover and dubbing services in 70 different languages, ensuring that you work with the right voice actors for your projects. You can click the button below to get more information about our foreign language voice over services.

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