Turkish Male Voice Over Artists: You Remember These 5 (Five) Voices From Somewhere!

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Turkish Male Voice Over Artists: You Remember These 5 (Five) Voices From Somewhere!

You may remember that in many TV series, movies and documentaries you watch every day, some sounds seem familiar to you from somewhere. The sound you hear as well as the performance of the actor on the stage directly affects the enjoyment you will get from the work you are watching. The artists, who give life to many TV series and movies with their acting, are also behind the scenes as a voice actor. In this article Turkish dubbing We have included details about male dubbing artists that you often hear in their work. 

Turkish Male voice actors They appear as the invisible faces of the screen in Turkey, one of the countries where the dubbing industry has developed the most. Turkish voice actors, who are successful in their work, create flawless works by combining their tone of voice with their talents. Well, who are the famous male voice actors whose voice you hear all the time, even though you have never seen their face? Turkey's best male dubbing artists and the characters he voiced, we have listed for you in this article. 

Nicolas Gage has a voice among Turkish male voice actors: Uğur Taşdemir

Turkish male voice actors: Uğur Taşdemir

Characters voiced by Uğur Taşdemir One of the amazing talents that goes with it. Uğur Taşdemir is the owner of that voice, whose voice you have heard in the Turkish dubbing of many movies, but you do not know who it belongs to. In Nicolas Cage movies Ugur Tasdemir dubbing you can come across often. The famous name, who started to sing with the advice of master theater actor Selim Naşit Özcan, continues to give life to many films with his voice.

Uğur Taşdemir, known for Nicolas Cage's films, also stands out with the comedy series Bojack Horseman. When Uğur Taşdemir is mentioned, one of the first productions that comes to mind is Kurtlar Vadisi. Uğur Taşdemir Valley of the Wolves He played the character of lawyer Bünyamin in the TV series. The famous name also appeared in the movie Kurtlar Vadisi: Gladio. The other productions that Uğur Taşdemir brought to life with his voice and acting are as follows; 

  • 1999 – Roofless Women
  • 1999 – Small Feed 
  • 1998 – Hot Hours
  • 1998 – Goodbye Tomorrow 
  • 1998 – Worlds Apart
  • 1997 – Was It Like This
  • 1997 – Father's House
  • 1996 – Corner Grab
  • 1995 – Flower Taxi 
  • 1994 – İnce İnce Yasemince 
  • 1992 – Headmen of the Neighborhood 
  • 1989 – In Search of Trace 
  • 2000 – A Love Story 
  • 2000 – Love is a Beautiful Thing
  • 2014 – Strawberry 
  • 2014 – Wow What Happened to Me 2,5 
  • 2012 – Hello Life
  • 2012 – Harem
  • 2010 – Pak Panther 
  • 2009 – Valley of the Wolves: Gladio 
  • 2014 – Valley of the Wolves Ambush
  • 2008 – Doctors
  • 2005 – Bitter Life
  • 2004 – Valley of the Wolves
  • 2002 – Kinali Snow 

Voice-over Tarkan Koç Among Turkish Male Voice Over Artists

Tarkan Koç, who has been behind the television screens for many years, is known for his voice-over works. Known by many people from Dining  voiceover Tarkan Koç He has been making a name for himself with such programs since 2008. Conservatory graduate Tarkan Koç voiceover He is one of the rare names that exhibits his talent and acting talent together.

Koç, who mostly works as a voice actor in foreign films and cartoons, also takes part in documentary dubbing. Films by Tarkan Koç Although he is known for his documentaries and documentaries, today he appears as the sought-after voice-over of competition programs. Request, We are at dinner voiceover Tarkan Koç movies and TV series voiced by Turkish; 

  • 1996 – Cobra Tracking (Turkish Voice Over) (TV Series)
  • 1995 – Cesur Yurek (Turkish Voice Over) (Motion Picture)
  • 1988 – Midnight Hunt (Turkish Voice Over) (Motion Picture)
  • 1977 - Annie Hall 
  • 2005 – Angry Lovers
  • 2005 – Crazy Waiters
  • 2005 – Supernatural
  • 2005 – Pride and Pride 
  • 2004 – Shark Story 
  • 2014 – Night at the Museum: The Secret in the Sarcophagus 
  • 2014 – Gotham 
  • 2014 – By the Gun 
  • 2014 – Hot Man
  • 2013- Informant
  • 2013 – Teen Titans Go!
  • 2013 – Show Day 2
  • 2011 – Rookie Robbers
  • 2011 – Outbreak
  • 2011 – Melancholy 


One of the Best Among Unforgettable Turkish Male Voice Over Artists: Cihan Ünal 

Turkish theater and cinema artist Cihan Unal, He is one of the names that dazzled with his voice and acting on the screens for many years. The private life of the famous actor as well as his artistic life is among the details that are curious. How old is Cihan Unal? and how long it has been on the screens is one of the most frequently asked questions. Born on January 22, 1946, Cihan Ünal started his professional acting career in 1971 with the movie "Fiddler on the Roof".

Famous for his TV series and movies Cinal Unal voice over He took his career to a different dimension with his works. Cihan Unal Theater Although she came to the fore with her acting, she made an important debut with the TV series Love Again and If the Woman Wants. Cihan Ünal's prominent TV series and films are as follows; 

  • April Rain 
  • Let there be a Miracle 
  • If a woman wants 
  • Love again 
  • Hormuz with Seven Husbands
  • The Magnificent Century Kösem
  • Lonely wolf 
  • Promise 
  • Red light 
  • Bagdad Hatun 
  • IV. Murat 

Turkish Male Voice Over Artists: East Aytun

Famous actress Doğu Aytun, who has lived in America for many years, has appeared in many TV series and films. You may have seen Aytun giving life to the Italian Enzo character in the TV series Payitaht Abdulhamid, which is broadcast on TRT 1. Doğu Aytun, who made a name for himself with the series "Personality", also does voice acting as well as acting. Aytun played the character of Fraknio Faison in the American Dream movie.

Other productions voiced by Doğu Aytun; 

  • Batman - Billy de Williams 
  • The Two Sides of the Knife - Donal Louge 
  • Steel Fists- Kevin Durand 
  • The Price of Bondage - Clancy Brown 
  • Magic City - Matt Ross 
  • The Great Disaster - Michael Howell 
  • Fargo - Kevin O'Grady 
  • Focus - Dominic Fumusa 


A TRT Artist Among Turkish Male Voice Over Artists: Ekrem Tamer

Known for his TRT voiceover artist, Ekrem Tamer is a famous name with many talents. Appearing as an actor, trainer, presenter and announcer Ekrem Tamer voiceover He started his work in 1984. Tamer, who took his first step in the voice-over field at TRT, took part in many TV series and movies.

A trt artist among Turkish male voice actors: ekrem tamer
A trt artist among Turkish male voice actors: ekrem tamer

Ekrem Tamer TRT He also acted as a voice actor for the channel. In 1985-86-87, he played in the TV series "New Life", which lasted for three years and was broadcast on TRT screens. Tamer, who won the announcer exam in 1989, continued his career as an announcer in TRT. Tamer; He also hosted the programs called Studio Ankara, About the City, Turkish Ottoman Sherbet and Birebir. Here are the documentaries voiced by Ekrem Tamer; 

  • And Music 
  • From Taksim to Tunnel
  • Archeology from Past to Present 
  • Heaven on Earth- Dubrovnik 
  • Epic of the War of Independence 

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