Why is a Voice Director Important?

Why is a Voice Director Important?

Voice and dubbing; agency, production company etc. Undoubtedly, the indispensable need of companies producing content in the media. Because a video content can only be made effective with voiceover and music and can give a strong message. In this regard, the choice of a voice actor or voice actor is very important. Well, can every voice create this effect? Does it have enough emphasis and intonation skills in this regard? Or was the sound taken from a freelancer voiceover? Let's try to answer these questions. Let's start with what the voice director does.

What Does a Voice Director Do?

It is the person who determines the language, dialect, accent, dialect, attitude, voice, emotion and expression to be used in the text or content to be voiced, and makes the necessary adaptations and implements them. It determines the translator when necessary, decides who will speak or voice which role, and creates a voice cast. Often the voiceover is the person who manages the artists and technical team. Sometimes the voice director decides who gets how much stamp. The most distinctive feature of the voice-over director is that he has a very superior musical ear.

Beautiful tone? Emphasis and intonation?

Everyone has a unique tone of voice and every tone is beautiful. There is no ugly tone of voice, there are voices that do not know how to use their voice. What makes the advertisement effective is not only the voice acting with a good tone, but also the voice actors who use their voices well. That is, sounds with good sound technique. Using your voice well is a skill. The voice-over performs the text in harmony with the intonation and emphasis commands given by the voice-over director. Your voiceover is relatively usable. This means that the speaker has a good ear. Yes, this is exactly what is expected from the voice actor 'to have a good ear'. Contrary to what is known, the voiceover director decides how the text of the commercial will be voiced, rather than the voice actor.

The voice actors who take part in the sound bank and sound cast of the voice-over studios are people who have a good ear and have a very good command of the emphasis and intonation of the text they voice. The people who will save the right intonation and emphasis are undoubtedly the voice directors. Voice actors have to have a good ear for music in this sense, and say what they hear in the same tone and emphasis (melody). Voice directors act as a kind of mirror during the recording. The experience we have gained in the studio over the years has shown that; The voice actor cannot hear himself, measure, or realize his mistakes during the recording. At this point, the voiceover director steps in. The voiceover director is like a mirror. It detects the accent and intonation errors of the voice actor and manages the recording as desired for a perfect recording. Just as we tidy ourselves up in front of the mirror, we tidy up our voices while recording with the voice-over director. Voiceover texts are not recorded by the voice actor in the studio. Emotion is recorded with accent and intonation versions. It continues until you get the most perfect record.

In the meantime, think of those who voice over at home. Let alone the recording quality of the voice-over service you receive, I can't even think of the accent and intonation errors. The fact that the brand manager approves the voice-over and publishes it can have negative consequences for the prestige of the brand. This experience and experience shows us that the voice-over service should be taken in the professional voice-over studio accompanied by the voice-over director. Because there are very few agencies in Turkey that have voice casts with voice actors, and serve as a voice-over director and recording studio. BiberSA Productions offers voice-over services to your video projects with its sound bank, which includes Turkey's most famous voice actors, and a voice-over studio equipped with new generation technology.

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