What is a Voice-over Director in 3 (Three) Items, Why Is It Important?

Why is a Voice Director Important?

What is a Voice-over Director in 3 (Three) Items, Why Is It Important?

The voice-over director is the person needed to determine the language, dialect, mouth, voice, emotion and expression of all voice-over works. The voiceover director, who has an important position in the dubbing and voice-over sector, plays an active role in the completion or implementation of the adaptations of the project. It provides the distribution of roles and duties in the project in which the voice-over director, who creates the voice cast, is involved.

The voiceover director, who even determines the translator when necessary, is responsible for deciding who will speak or voice which role.  Voiceover directors are indispensable for every project, as they are the people who organize the process and distribute the tasks in the most appropriate way. Most of the time, the directors, who set the stamps of the artists, manage the technical team and voiceover as well as the artists. Alright, What is a voiceover director? What is in the job description? We have compiled all the curious details for you in this article. 

Duties and Importance of Voice Director

How to be a voice-over director is one of the most curious subjects about this field. question is included. The director is very important for the dubbing and voice-over industry. The biggest supporters of companies that produce content for agencies and production companies are voice-over directors.

  • Voice directors are involved in making a video content effective with voiceovers and music. It is extremely important to work with a good director in order to convey the messages desired to be given in the relevant project.. Voiceover directors are worked with to determine the compatibility between the artist and the project in dubbing works where tone, emphasis and intonation stand out.
  • Among the duties of a voice-over director is to provide Turkish voice-over translation of domestic or foreign movies, TV series, cartoons, animations, documentaries, advertisements, trailers, spots and promotions.. The directors are responsible for determining the voice actors who evaluate the ready-made texts and suitable for the characters in the relevant production.
  • Adept at managing multiple fields, voice-over directors handle studio recordings, sound mixing, sound and image matching, according to dramatic, aesthetic, technical and linguistic rules. Required skills for voice-over direction At the very beginning is the ability to have the necessary technical equipment. 

What is a voiceover director

How is Voice-Over Directing Made?

The voice-over directors graduated from Editing, Sound and Image Management Department are involved in the technical support of voice-over projects. A voiceover director has the knowledge and authority to decide who will speak the role in the project where the voiceover will be made. Voice directors, who organize the process and distribute the task in the most appropriate way, can come into play at various points in a voiceover. Most of the time, the voice directors, who determine the stamps of the artists, are also responsible for the functioning of the technical team. 

The person who is the voice-over director has a say in the success of the voice-over production. Well, The success of a production is directly proportional to the director's choices. For this reason, the director aims to manage the process in the best way by starting the preliminary work before going to the studio stage. Thanks to the preliminary work, the voice director clearly decides who will speak which role. At this stage, which is called casting, the director performs the distribution of roles. 

What Matters in Choosing an Artist for a Voice Director: Is it tone beauty? Emphasis and intonation?

Everyone has a unique tone of voice and every tone is beautiful. There is no ugly tone of voice, there are voices that do not know how to use their voice. What makes the advertisement effective is not only the voice acting with a good tone, but also the voice actors who use their voices well. That is, sounds with good sound technique.

Using your voice well is a skill. The voice-over performs the text in harmony with the intonation and emphasis commands given by the voice-over director. This means that the speaker has a good ear. Contrary to what is known, the voiceover director decides how the text of the commercial will be voiced, rather than the voice actor.

The voice actors who take part in the sound bank and sound cast of the voice-over studios are people who have a good ear and have a very good command of the emphasis and intonation of the text they voice. The people who will save the right intonation and emphasis are undoubtedly the voice directors. Voice actors have to have a good ear for music in this sense, and say what they hear in the same tone and emphasis (melody).

Voice directors act as a kind of mirror during the recording. voice actor He cannot hear, measure, or realize his mistakes while recording himself. At this point, the voiceover director steps in. The voiceover director is like a mirror. It detects the accent and intonation errors of the voice actor and manages the recording as desired for a perfect recording. Just as we tidy ourselves up in front of the mirror, we tidy up our voices while recording with the voice-over director. Voiceover texts are not recorded by the voice actor in the studio. Emotion is recorded with accent and intonation versions. It continues until you get the most perfect record.

For these reasons, the voice-over service should be taken in the professional voice-over studio accompanied by the voice-over director. Because there are very few agencies in Turkey that have voice casts with voice actors, and serve as a voice-over director and recording studio. BiberSA Productions brings together Turkey's most famous voice actors. sound bank and with its voice-over studio equipped with new generation technology, it offers voice-over services to your video projects. 

The Effect of a Voiceover Director on Professional Sound Quality

Voice-over studios are a field where people who are professionally interested in the art of voice-over give voice to projects. The fact that the studios in question have the necessary equipment may not be enough to produce quality works. The presence of a person who determines important details such as the voice actor's effective use of language and the suitability of his voice for the project is needed. At this point, voiceover directors come into play. A voice-over director plays an active role in the success of professional voice-over work. In a quality voice-over work, the voice-over director performs the distribution of duties in the most accurate way. 

Thanks to the selection of the voiceover director, who determines the suitability of the person doing the reading for the project, quality works emerge. The voice directors, who are responsible for the technical team and the artists, play an active role in the business plan stage, during the voice-over process and afterwards. The director, who closely follows the work done, cares that the equipment used is strong, clear and flawless. In a voice-over project where there is no voice-over director who carries out the supervision processes, no one will think of the factors that affect the quality of the voice. Therefore, the resulting voiceover will move away from the professional effect. 

Voice-over director education and career journey It is extremely important to set out with an expert voice-over agency. By contacting BiberSA Production, which stands out in the field of voice-over, you can shape your voice-over career with a professional team and equipment. Join us to go on a voice-over journey with the privilege of BiberSA. You can communicate. 

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