What is Condenser Microphone?

What is Condenser Microphone?

What is Condenser Microphone?

Voice-over, dubbing, digital content or music recording… If you are busy with any work related to voice-over, it is inevitable that you need professional studio equipment. To get a professional sound recording, you need some basic equipment. One of the essential equipment you need to know about professional condenser microphone. Alright condenser microphone why? condenser microphoneHow is it different from other microphones?

professional condenser microphone, It is a more sensitive microphone type than other microphone types. As the meaning of the word condenser microphone or condenser microphone in Turkish spellingmeans condensed sound. The features of the condenser microphone can be listed as follows:

  • While you have to be careful in its use due to its sensitive structure, it makes your work easier with the professional sound reception it provides.
  • The main purpose of the condenser microphone, which has more than one type, is to detect concentrated, that is, sensitive sounds.
  • Its structure is formed by leaving an air gap between the fixed and movable conductive plate. One of these two capacitor plates should be made of a flexible material such as aluminum.
  •  An external power voltage is required for the condenser microphone to work. This working voltage is called "Phantom Power", that is, "Hidden Power" in Turkish.

USB condenser microphone, one of the most preferred among professional consender microphones with more than one typeStop. This type of microphone, which you can find under the name of USB condenser microphone, is an extremely useful equipment for sensitive recordings.

How to Make a Good Condenser Microphone

If you want to do your sound recording work in the best quality way, you should prefer to use professional microphones from studio equipment. A good condenser microphonewill help you get the highest quality voiceovers you will make.. condenser microphoneThere are several types of flour. There is a difference in variety and quality in each studio. A good condenser microphone picks up sound in the cleanest and clearest way.

  • Rode condenser microphone Type condenser microphone one of its varieties. 
  • rod condenser microphone When it is said, the word rode at the beginning is actually the brand of the microphone. 
  • Rode condenser microphones It is usually a microphone type preferred by professionals in studios. 
  • Rode condenser microphoneThey are available in different types such as handheld microphones, shotguns, and headsets. You can benefit from different usage areas of microphones depending on the work you are going to do.
  • As another kind USB condenser microphones we can count
  • USB condenser microphoneThese devices can be easily connected to a computer or devices such as a tablet phone with a USB port. 
  • The professional audio recording taken with the Consender microphone can then be transmitted via USB. 
  • It is possible to reach professional audio recordings with its sensitive structure.
  • The handheld microphone option is one of the consender microphones' features. as one of its advantages. 
  • Rode shutgun model offers both a stylish and light usage area with its thin rod model. 

Product features for a good condenser microphoneIt is necessary to look at the frequency range in. With frequency characteristics between 50-15000 Hz condenser microphoneIt is possible to create the quality sound recordings you need.

In addition, compared to other microphones, condenser microphoneIt is possible to say that the distortion-interference rates are also low in recent years. You can reach the comfort of using a good microphone with its ratios of approximately 10-50 MegaOhm.

What is condenser microphone

What is the Difference Between Condenser Microphone and Dynamic Microphone?

Condenser microphone or dynamic microphone It is possible to find many types of microphones such as You should choose your professional microphone for whatever job you want to use it. For example There are some differences between a condenser microphone and a dynamic microphone.

  • In dynamic microphones, the frequency characteristic changes depending on the distance change during the sound recording. Therefore, changes in the quality of the recording may occur.
  • condenser microphoneThere is no such change in the microphone, no matter how far the sound goes, there is no deafness in the frequency range of the microphone. Therefore, you can easily handle your sensitive and professional works. condenser microphone you can choose.
  • Besides, condenser of dynamic microphone not as sensitive It is possible to say that it is more comfortable to use because of this.
  • Moreover more durable dynamic microphones It is also among the user comments.
  • Dynamic microphones can easily pick up high pitch, low or mid frequencies.
  • If you are considering a job where you will work at higher frequencies dynamic microphoneYou may run into trouble from time to time.
  • For example, choosing a dynamic microphone for amp or drum recordings will be beneficial for you. condenser microphoneaccording to dynamic microphoneThere is very little risk of explosion in sound.
  • condenser microphoneDue to the delicate structure of flour, it is necessary to be gentle and not dusty while using it.
  • In cases where an amplifier is used, an extra material is needed to reduce the effect of the capacitive effect of the cable between the amplifier and the microphone on the capacity of the microphone. This effect is tried to be reduced with an extra amplifier to be placed in the microphone.
  • If the sound reception characteristic is important to you dynamic microphonesaccording to condenser microphoneIt should be reminded that there is an excessive sound reception sensitivity in 

condenser microphone

In Which Areas Is Condenser Microphone Used?

condenser microphone If you are wondering in which areas it is used, the answer to this question is usually fixed indoor areas such as studios. As we mentioned in our article condenser microphones recording microphone It has a very sensitive structure. In studios these microphones are handled with precision. It is quite difficult to do this delicate care at home. Alright condenser microphone In which areas is it used?

You can use these microphones in many areas. It is suitable for vocals, recordings such as radio/podcasts or instrument recordings. With the condenser microphone, you can easily take sound recordings of musical instruments such as violin, piano, guitar. It is a very suitable equipment to use especially in acoustic sounds. 

In general, you will record the sounds of musical instruments. recording microphoneif you need condenser microphones studio microphoneIt offers you a very professional option among them. It is possible to achieve successful sound recordings with musical instruments in these microphones, which have a wide frequency network with their cardioid structure.

Use it outdoors, in open areas. voice over microphonethis is what you need condenser microphone will not. condenser microphone The sensitive structure of the varieties is not suitable for too much movement, exposure to external factors such as humidity and dust outside.

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