What is Whiteboard and Infographic Voice Over?

Whiteboard and Infographic Voice Over

What is Whiteboard and Infographic Voice Over?

Want to enrich your website content with engaging videos? Or are you trying to find ways to make employee training more interesting? Or do you want to promote your product with a different and creative type of video? If your answer to these and similar questions is yes, whiteboard animation may be the solution you are looking for. Video marketing has grown tremendously in recent years and has become an integral part of a successful marketing plan. Among the types of video marketing, which is the key element of visual marketing strategies, whiteboard animation draws attention.

What is Whiteboard Animation?

Whiteboard animation, which is a type of video prepared with various animation movements, is also expressed as whiteboard animation in Turkish. The main purpose of this video style, which offers a hand-drawn image design on a whiteboard or white background, is to present the seemingly complex promotional, advertising and information content to the screen in a simpler and more understandable way with simple graphics. A narrator accompanies this video variety throughout the story, showing static images drawn on a white screen. Animation images supported by voice-overs are plain and simple and leave an impression on the audience.

What is Infographic Animation?

Another type of video that is as popular among marketing strategies as whiteboard animation is infographic animation. The visual transfer of data and information in the form of an online video is called infographic animation. Infographic videos, one of the high-impact content marketing strategies, are video content consisting of original designs or ready-made template designs drawn by an illustrator. A video infographic provides the viewer with invaluable information that can improve their perspective on the topic. The infographic video, which combines audio and visual content with an entertaining narration and sound, increases the rate of interaction and sharing. Infographics are more engaging than printed words because they combine prominent images and content. The effect of infographic videos on the audience is strengthened not only by visuals, but also by storytelling sound, as in whiteboard animation.

What is Infographic Voice Over?

Animasyon seslendirme başlığı altında yer alan whiteboard animasyon seslendirme ve infografik seslendirme bu video türlerini başarıya götüren birkaç altın kuraldan bir tanesidir. Bir ürünü tanıtmak veya bilgi vermek için whiteboard animasyon videosu veya infografik video oluştururken doğru seslendirme yeteneğini bulmak çok önemlidir. Yapılan araştırmalar doğru animasyon sesi ile dönüşümlerde %35 gibi bir oranda artış sağladığını gösteriyor. Animasyon seslendirme metinlerini doğru vurgu, ton ve his ile izleyiciye aktaracak olan animasyon seslendirme seçimi ile videoların etkileşimini artırmak mümkün. İnfografik seslendirme için genellikle neşeli, enerjik, mutlu, pozitif duygular uyandıran sesler tercih ediliyor. Seslendirme sanatçısı cinsiyeti video içeriği sektörü, konsepti, içeriğine göre farklılık göstermektedir. İnfografik seslendirme seçimi yapılırken seslendirme sanatçısının ses tonu ve ses renginin video metninin tonu ve tarzıyla ötüşmesi gerekmektedir.

Benefits of Using Whiteboard Animation and Infographic Animation

Whiteboard animations and infographic animations, which are the types of explanatory videos often preferred to sell a product or promote a system, are extremely effective for communicating complex ideas.

Simplifies your mind

If the subject or product you want to explain or promote is complex, whiteboard and infographic animations can make it easier for you to reach the audience. It allows the distracted viewer to focus on the content during the explanations. Fast-moving videos, in which details are edited with visuals and a remarkable storyteller, make them fun and understandable for the audience.

Brings Different Ideas Together at the Same Time

If it is necessary to present intense information in a video, whiteboard animation and infographic animation make this density enjoyable and easy to follow. It conveys many different information and ideas to the audience in an enjoyable way.

Increases Website Engagement

Thanks to the impressive narration and the voice actor who is a good storyteller, these animated videos that attract attention allow visitors to spend more time on your website.

Content Compatible with Smartphones

A significant percentage of internet traffic comes from mobile traffic. The increase in access from smartphones reveals the importance of video content suitable for user experience. Mobile-friendly animated videos increase the interaction power of your brand.

Tells Stories Without Actors

Real characters do not need to act in whiteboard and infographic animations. This saves costs. That's why the selection of infographic voice actors in animation video genres is of great importance.

Highlights in Social Media Marketing

If you want to use Youtube and social media channels for video promotion and marketing, whiteboard and infographic animations attract great attention on these platforms. Such videos attract attention on Youtube, the second largest search engine.

Allows the Use of Humor

If you want to add some humor to your video presentations, whiteboard animations are especially suitable for this. Thanks to its narrative language, it perfectly reflects the humor to the audience.

Expands Market Share with Low Costs

High budgets are demanded in the international advertising sector. Since the cost of accessing different cultures and different target audiences will be high, marketing budgets are used effectively thanks to the affordable cost of whiteboard and infographic animations.

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