What is Voice Bank?

What is Voice Bank?

What is Voice Bank?

Sound bank is a platform where voice talents and dubbing artists are included in an agency. The project that is in need of a voice brings together the dubbing artists and the voice talents with the right project. When you get a voice from the sound bank, it means you work with the right voice, and you can enjoy the value of the correct voice for your brand. Giving voice to the voice bank is a lucrative investment for the voice actor, while the voice bank is considered prestigious for the agency, director, producer or freelancer. With the voice bank, you gain both as a client and as a talent. Our voice bank consists of some of the most famous voices of Turkey. The voice bank consists of voice talents, voice actors, vocals and foreign language voice talents. Voice-over staffs are created as a result of an election. Sound bank provide talents for the media production industry in Turkey, the directors, the producers, the digital agencies, and offers freelance voice talents appropriate projects. Voice selection can be made by the customer as well as by the voice bank.


The world’s best voice talents are included in the bank. Voice-over services are provided to many projects in the media production sector, including English (British-American), German, Arabic, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, etc. The sound bank also offers translation and subtitle services from foreign languages into Turkish. Most of the foreign language voice talents in the voice bank can record in our studio in Istanbul, while others are able to record the day after. Ses bank talents provide services by making the translation text control and delivers it in maximum two business days. The most preferred service in foreign language voice-overs is translation and voice-over from English into Turkish. This is followed by translation of an English video into Turkish. Then comes Arabic, Russian, German and French respectively.


To apply for a voice bank, you must have at least five years of professional experience in the industry. You must submit your application by sending your CV and voice demos via email. As a result of the applications we reply in a positive or negative way. Unrecognized applications is generated missing CV and demo voices.If the reply is positive we reach out the candidates to inform them about the details.


Voice bank is a platform where hundreds of foreign voice talents, vocals and dubbing artists are accepted. In the media production sector, we know the responsibility of providing solutions with high quality, popular and professional voices to your voice-over needs. From the voice bank platform, you can create a favorite list of the voices you listen to from your mobile phone or PC and find suitable ones for your project. You can send this favorite list to others by email. You can view the voices you have listened to in the voice bank, and you can also clear this list. You can contact us via email to get a price. You can recieve a project price, giving the page number of the script and the media medium.

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