Who is Tarkan Koç?

Who is Tarkan Koç?

Tarkan Koç continues to appear as a voice-over in different channels with his success and acting in the voice-over field. Well, the voice-over of the We're Dining program Who is Tarkan Koç? In this article, we will cover the life and art life of the famous voice-over. 

Tarkan Koç, known as the invisible face of the We are Dining Contest, has been giving life to television programs with his voice for many years. The famous voice-over, who has the identity of a lecturer, is also one of the rare names that transfers his knowledge about the voice-over industry to new generations. Koç, who became famous through the "We Eat" game show, draws attention with his acting as well as his good voice acting. It is known that the voice-over, who entered the profession by playing in state theaters, made the transition to the television industry with his acting talent.

Tarkan Koç, who has been advancing his career by vocalizing since 2008 and continues on its way with new talents in the field of dubbing. Tarkan Koç, one of the sought-after voices of the daytime generation, speaks his art mostly in the cartoon, movie and TV series industry. Tarkan Koç, whose voice-over Tarkan Koç, whom we often see on the theater stage, takes his place in the minds with his performances in Yaşar Ne Yaşamaz and Non-Woman theaters.

Who is Tarkan Koç

Who is Tarkan Koç: The Life of Tarkan Koç

Continuing to be the invisible face of competition programs for many years, Tarkan Koç's private life is as curious as his voice. Many viewers follow the daytime cooking shows. Who is Tarkan Koç is looking for the answer. Here is the life of Tarkan Koç, who made things more fun by talking to the contestants on the show Yemekyiz. 

Famous voiceover and dubbing artist Tarkan Koç, He was born on June 25, 1971 in Ankara. After graduating from Kabataş High School for Boys in 1988, he later graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University State Conservatory Opera-Singing Department. After graduating from this department in 1997, Koç received a master's degree from the Department of Philosophy at Maltepe University and a doctorate from the Department of Philosophy at Yeditepe University. While continuing his graduate and doctorate studies in the field of education, he entered the state theaters during his student years and started acting. 

While he was a student, Tarkan Koç gained knowledge and experience about the sector by working as an assistant on Cine 5 channel. Continuing to act in theater, Koç switched to television screens in 2008. The famous voice actor continued his career as the voice-over of the Yemek Sepeti program between 2008 and 2015. Tarkan Koç, who voiced the television program "Yeyemek" broadcast on Show TV and Fox TV, started to be known as the voice-over of Yemek Sepeti after this assignment. 

Koç's main profession is acting. However, the famous voice actor stands out with his voice over work rather than acting. Tarkan Koç profession creates colorful works by combining the art of voice acting with. Tarkan Koç, who is known as the voice-over of the "We're Dining" programHis family life is also among the curious ones. It is known that the famous dubbing and voice actor Tarkan Koç is married. 

Who is Tarkan Koç as a Voiceover Artist and Actor?

Films by Tarkan Koç and is one of the best voice actors who have taken their place in minds with serials. Although Tarkan Koç is known as a voice-over lately, he is a sought-after dubbing artist in the Turkish dubbing of many movies. Starting his artistic career as a theater actor, Koç is famous for his Turkish dubbing and voice-over works. 

Tarkan Koç voice-over, who attracted the attention of the masses with his program, We are Dining During his student years, he shaped his career by taking small roles in state theaters.

  • Performed in many plays and musicals At the beginning of Tarkan Koç's unforgettable plays The Stranger (Albert Camus), Idiot and Macbeth has.
  • Other works in which the famous voice actor took part; Yaşar Ne Yaşar Ne Yaşamaz, Abdülcambaz, Mystery and An Istanbul Tale are theater plays.
  • Tarkan Koç's latest theater play is It is Doubt that makes you laugh. 

The famous voice-over Tarkan Koç also continues to do Turkish voice-overs in cartoons, TV series and movies. Here are the most important productions and roles of Tarkan Koç, the voice-over of Yemek Sepeti; 

Bakugan - Drago: The Japanese anime television series Bakugan offers a long-running adventure that engages children. In the Turkish dubbing of this anime series, Tarkan Koç voices the character Drago. 

Caillou- Grandpa: In the Caillou cartoon series, a 4-year-old boy's relationship with people is told. In the Turkish dubbing of this series, Tarkan Koç appears as Caillou's grandfather. 

White Knight- White Knight: Tarkan Koç gives his voice to the character of White Knight in The White Knight, an action cartoon series. 

300 Spartans – Leonidas: Tarkan Koç voices King Leonidas in the movie 300 Spartans, which brings the struggle of the Spartan king together with the audience. 

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