Who is Kadir Ozubek?

Who is Kadir Ozubek?

With the voice of Yogi the bear, he took his place in the memories Who is Kadir Ozubek? In this article, we will cover Özübek's artistic life and the productions he has performed. 

Famous voice actor Kadir Özübek is one of Turkey's leading dubbing artists. Özübek, who started his artistic career in the early years, takes his first step into this profession by working as a radio broadcaster. Kadir Özübek, who switched to dubbing and dubbing at the end of 1996, mostly; He takes part in dubbing, dubbing, news perforation, trailer, program sound and voice-over works. Kadir Özübek, who has over forty thousand voices, also appears as the Turkey voice of Walt Disney. The voice of Yogi the Bear is one of the most remembered productions of the famous voice actor Özübek, who has been the voice of Walt Disney for fourteen years. 

Kadir Özübek continues to be an invisible hero by being among the famous dubbing artists who give voice to the actors of the foreign films we watch. Özübek, who managed to use Turkish in an effective and understandable way, gave his voice to many famous names until today. Famous voice actor Forest Whitaker, who has made a name for himself, has dubbed names such as John Goodman and Eddie Murphy in Turkish. Kadir Özübek, who plays a role in film and documentary voiceovers, also continues to be the microphone for animations and cartoons.

Who is Kadir Özübek: Kadir Özübek Voice Over Projects

Characters voiced by Kadir Özübek He is among the names that have managed to voice the role of the actor in the best way possible by integrating with. Özübek, who started his career with a radio program in 1992, switched to the dubbing industry with the return of radio broadcasting to format broadcasting. The famous voice actor, who works on voice-overs in digital platform productions, has also appeared in many commercials. Expressing that Turkey is at the forefront of dubbing and dubbing, Özübek has undertaken the Turkish dubbing of many celebrities throughout his career. 

Özübek, who crossed paths with the voice-over industry after his career in radio, states that he has reached today by passing through master apprentice training. Kadir Özübek, who is a successful voice actor in his field, has had the opportunity to be the voice of many famous names throughout his artistic life. The famous voice actor has given voice to hundreds of characters, especially famous names such as Eddie Murphy and Danny DeVito. 

Famous dubbing artist Kadir Özübek While carrying out his work, he defends the view that the person doing the work should integrate with the character of the actor. We see that Özübek sang famous names in all his film works so far. So which famous names and characters has Kadir Özübek voiced so far? Here are the most famous names that Özübek gave life with his voice and the productions he took part in; 

  • John Goodman in Kong Skull Island 
  • Fraser James in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter 
  • Erik Griffin in Mike and Dave 
  • Michael Adamthwaite in The BFG 
  • Alun Armstrong in Frontier 
  • Anthony Mackie in Code 999 
  • Ron Funches in Get Hard 
  • Phil Austin in Code Name Olympus 
  • Stanton Rutledge in Fast & Furious 6 
  • Bill Nunn in Spider-Man 3 
  • John Horton in The Price of Bondage 

Who is Kadir Özübek as a Voiceover Artist?

Kadir Özübek, who thinks that dubbing requires a good acting as well as being a voice-over work, manages to attract the attention of the audience with his acting talent in all his voice-over works. Özübek, who became integrated with the characters he voiced; In all of his films, TV series, animations and cartoons, he literally reads the character by living it. Kadir Özübek takes his place in minds with the Turkish dubbing of names such as Forest Whitaker, John Goodman and Eddie Murphy in his dubbing works. Expressing that he likes cartoon and animation voiceovers more, Özübek creates very creative and entertaining works in this field. 

When it comes to cartoons and animation, Kadir Özübek's most famous works are Yogi Bear, Muscle Man and Ice King. The Yogi Bear character, first spoken by Gazanfer Özcan in Turkey, is later transferred to Kadir Özübek. Artist who voices Yogi Bear Kadir Özübek, who is engraved in our memories, gives voice to Dan Aykroyd in this production. 

Movies and Characters Voiced by Kadir Özübek 

Özübek, who is one of the most sought-after names in Turkish dubbing works, has many movies, cartoons and animations enriched with his voice. Here are the films and characters voiced by Kadir Özübek; 

  • Yogi Bear – Dan Aykroyd: Kadir Özübek, who has made his name known to the masses with the voice of Yogi the Bear, has been giving voice to the Yogi Bear cartoon character for many years. Özübek is the voice of Dan Aykroyd in this series, which is among the most popular cartoons of a period. 
  • Nightmare on Apple Street Series – Freddy Krueger: In Nightmare on Apple Street, which comes out as a creepy movie series, the character of Freddy enters people's dreams and harms them. In this film series, Kadir Özübek voices Freddy Krueger, a fictional character created by Wes Craven.
  • Mr and Mrs Smith: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie continue their marriage as two unaware of each other in this movie. This movie, in which the two fight to kill each other, offers a course full of action and adventure. In Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Dr. Kadir Özübek gives voice to William Fichtner, who plays Wexler. 
  • The Price of Bondage John Horton:  The emotionally charged The Price of Bondage is based on Stephen King's novella Rita Hayworth and Shawshank's Redemption. In this film, the story of banker Andy Dufresne, who spent nearly 20 years in Shawshank State Prison for killing his wife and lover despite proving his innocence, is the subject. In the Turkish dubbing of Bondage's Price, Kadir Özübek voices John Horton, who plays 1946 Judge. 
  • Zodiac – Philip Baker Hall:  Zodiac is about the capture of a serial killer who calls himself the Zodiac since the late 1960s on the west coast of the United States. Philip Baker Hall, who plays the character of Sherwood Morrill in this movie, is voiced in Turkish by Kadir Özübek. 
  • Saw 2 – Tim Burd:  In Saw 2, which makes its victims play scary games, the audience is literally fighting for life and death. Kadir Özübek, one of the sought-after voices of horror and thriller movies, is voicing Tim Burd in Saw 2. Tim Burd plays the character of Obi Tate in Saw 2. 

Who is Kadir Ozbek?

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Since the day he started his career, Kadir Özübek has been involved as a Turkish dubbing artist in many productions full of action, horror and adventure. Özübek, who we see frequently in the cartoon and animation industry, believes that voice acting should come after a good training process. In this sense, the famous voice actor Kadir Özübek; It brings together important trainings such as diction, acting and dubbing with young generations. Özübek, one of Turkey's leading male dubbing artists, takes the lead in commercials as well as film and TV series projects. 

We frequently see the famous dubbing and voice actor Kadir Özübek in Turkey's leading cosmetics, insurance, beverage and automobile advertisements. Kadir Özübek, who has given voice to countless characters, celebrities and productions, is also the microphone for BiberSA Production. To see the demo works of Kadir Özübek, who is involved in different projects within BiberSA BiberSA Production website or BiberSA Youtube You can visit the channel.

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