How to Write Ad Texts?

How to Write Ad Texts?

How to Write Ad Texts?

While the texts in short commercials such as campaigns and announcements in television commercials are included in the scope of “advertising text”, we also use the term 'advertising script' for commercials that require a script. However, we only call the texts written for radio advertisements "radio advertisement text".

Advertising texts, in the media production sector; These are the texts that will be used in the audio narration of the video ads you have prepared for your product, service or brand. The purpose of ad copy is to give consumers the information they need to sell a product or service. Good information grabs the attention of consumers, creates brand awareness and encourages the viewer to buy the advertised product or service. Most ads are short – about 15 to 30 seconds. – So when writing an ad copy, you don't have much time to stretch the words.

The agency contracted for the writing of the advertisement texts, in line with the detailed brief it will receive from the customer, prepares a text in different styles (such as corporate narrative, fairy-tale-like narration) for the message the brand wants to give and the emotion it wants to feel, and presents it to the customer's taste. The important thing in the texts will be to write the parts of the product, brand or service that should be emphasized in the advertisement film or radio spot in the shortest form.

Things to Consider in Ad Texts

Advertising texts are articles that need to be considered for different strategies, especially for commercial projects. We can say the following about the strategies to be considered;


Short and concise explanation;

The most important basis in advertising copy writing is to describe the message to be given in short and concise words. Ads that are overly detailed cause audience distraction. Therefore, by establishing a link between the consumer and your product in the text, you should take care to highlight your impressive product features within the time allotted for your advertisement, avoiding all unnecessary explanations. In addition, the short text will make the ad more effective, listen or watch without boring, and will also affect the publication budget of the ad.


Impressive ad texts;

When preparing ad copy, the goal of a professional copywriter will be to come up with work that will grab people's attention and make them think about the product or service being mentioned. This is really important if you are advertising videos on YouTube, for example. If people are forced to watch your ad as a marketing strategy, they will be waiting on the "skip ad" option. Therefore, you only have five seconds to get their attention, and this time should be used wisely. If you lose viewers in 5 seconds, you have at least some opportunity to show your brand, but let's be real, you'd rather people watch everything after seeing your ad and buy your product. That's why we can say that having an impressive text is half the battle. If people aren't caught from the start of the ad, they won't be able to see the rest of your content, even if you're really good. If you want your customers to engage with your call to action, make your texts interesting. Think about what you want your customer to do at the end of your ad, and then find a creative way to say it.


A call to action for your customers;

With pricing, contact information, and product availability, you can end the ad and add a call to action that clearly tells viewers what to do. For example, you can point to your stores or to your website for product reviews and downloads. Remember the end goal of all ads is to make people some sort of decision, so use scenes in your ads that people want to watch and then end your ad with people who know what to do.

As a result, video ads are never effective if people don't want to watch them. If you want to use your ads as a tool that will actually work, you need solid content and a compelling ending. It should be noted that advertising voiceover, from advertising voice actors to the voice director; It is a long process from post production to jingle making.

Types of Radio Ad Texts

Radio advertising texts are written theatrical and plain text. Theatrical texts are texts with a certain scenario, written with dialogue in order to capture the naturalness due to the lack of visual expression, and generally more than one voice actor should read. Apart from the voice that reads the text, we should not forget the advertisement 'voice'. The voice-over reads the brand, product and service name and slogan last, and the theatrical commercial ends. Plain texts are texts that are frequently used in TV commercials, in which both the whole text and the packshots are read by a person.

Ready-made Radio Ad Texts

Ready-made radio advertisement texts, which we also call "adapted texts", are the result of copywriters creating a new advertisement text with a few minor changes in the advertisement texts written for different brands, in order not to go beyond the patterns in the sector, or especially by choosing the easy way, depending on the brand's demand. This method can also be used for advertising projects with as low a budget as possible. However, it will lead to projects that take your brand away from being original and probably will not have a big impact on the audience.

Advertising text examples;

We present ready-made advertising texts that have been used in the media production sector before, as an example. If you examine the ad texts, you can determine where the emphasis is placed, which products, services, and make any comments you want. It is important to remember that advertisement texts must be written by an expert, and if written, they must be redacted by a copywriter. There are also some ads with long sentences that should be read in one breath. For example, advertisement texts prepared for the Japanese cosmetics giant Platinum Vuvu.

“Why does the world change if we are to be compelled by someone else's standards?

Don't be afraid to ask anymore.

Let them try to catch up with you.

It's your right.

Your time, your standards. KIA.”

“Men do this while shaving so they don't skip any hair.

The new Fusion Proglide with Flexball technology…

It provides maximum contact, and leaves hardly a single bristle behind Gillette…”

“Turkey's east is much closer to its west, its north to its south, now much closer…

With our 7000 different shooting points, we are bringing together the four corners of Turkey with Vodafone Supernet 4.5 G.

Come to Vodafone and experience the difference of four corners of G…”

“We are celebrating Ariston's 10th Anniversary in Turkey together.

Now Aristons, with incredible opportunities.

Ariston In shared moments.”

"The spirit of the time,

Anticipating the change in buildings and new living comfort,

With the harmony of experience and technology, we designed the most aesthetic and strongest profile of Fıratpen.


Aesthetically pleasing to distinguished projects, and in any color…

New era in the window…

From Fıratpen Innovative Series… SELENİT… FIRATPEN…”

“Juice, cola, coffee stain.

Now the New Kosla Oxi Action removes stains, no matter how hard.

For example, a cherry juice stain.

Let's pour iodine tincture into a bottle of water.

And then a scoop of Oxi Action.

Look how clean the dirty water has become.

In aprons, of course.

Oxi Action to achieve perfect results in whites and colours.

A miracle solution for any stain, anywhere.”

More emollients and now 5 exclusive perfumes.

You will also feel the Vernel softness in your laundry.

Vernel it.

Minimixes from Sütaş to children, each more delicious than the other.

Vanilla, strawberry, blackberry or mixed fruit.

There is a crunchy top or popping candy hidden in the lid.

Mini mix, enjoy.


Natural flavor.

“It is impossible to forget August 17.

We were all deeply shaken by our losses and sorrows.

We have lost loved ones, hundreds of thousands of our homes have been damaged, millions of people have had to rebuild their lives.

But remembering them is not enough anymore.

Now is the time to do more as we commemorate our losses.

It's time to take action, be prepared for earthquakes, stand firmer.

Don't swing! Get your compulsory earthquake insurance for approximately ten thousand liras per month.

Because the earthquake will pass, life will go on.

Detailed information is at”

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