Radio Advertising Prices

How Are Radio Advertising Prices Determined?

In the advertising industry, one of the most frequently asked questions is: “How much does a radio ad cost?” A simple fact is that a radio ad can be as cheap as $1 or as expensive as $200,000. It's like ordering food at a restaurant. The price will vary according to the value and quality of the food. In this case, it is determined how many people the message reaches and whether there are qualifications that can pay a special price to this audience.

Factors Affecting Radio Advertising Cost

Radio stations are divided into three groupings as having local, regional and national broadcasting licenses, and many different factors come into play when charging stations for advertising spots. The main factors in radio advertising costs are:

1. How many people will listen: A station's visitor rate also determines how many people will hear your ad. So be prepared to demand more payment for a station with a large listener base.

2. Average age of station listeners: Some target groups are more popular with advertisers than others. For example, adults aged 25-54. Be prepared to demand higher payouts for stations with audiences in this age range.

3. Competitiveness with other advertisers: If many different businesses want to advertise at the same time, the station may raise prices. This may occur, for example, during the holiday season, special days or festive weeks.

4. Your ability to negotiate: The station will send you a quote, but this is not exactly the final price. You have to be able to bargain at certain rates.

In the factors mentioned above, we talked about the effect of rest rates at stations.

So what are the time periods when these rates increase or decrease?

The answer to the question is a matter of curiosity for many people. Because in a world where people are constantly busy, it is impossible for them to listen to the radio all the time. At that time, the visiting hours of the radios differ according to the lives of the individuals. However, at least an average could be determined with the statistics made on this subject. With the measurements made between 07:00 and 10:00 in the morning and between 17:00 and 20:00 in the evening, which are called ODT (Off Drive Time) and DT (Drive Time) for national radios and known as "prime time" in the television industry. These are the hours when radio listening habits are found to be the busiest. These hours are the hours when there is traffic time especially for Istanbul. In addition to these, there is a noon zone between 10:00 and 17:00- and a night zone between 20:00 and 03:00. The advertising budgets of these four broadcasting generations differ.

How are Radio Advertising Prices Calculated?

In radios, the price per second is determined when advertising prices are determined, and if we remember the factors affecting the cost mentioned above, we can say that whichever station has a high listening rate (on an average of one month), the second unit price of that radio is expensive.

For example; We want to broadcast a 30-second spot prepared for company A on B radio 10 times a day. The formula in this case is as follows;

  • Cost/Daily = A (30-second spot) * B (radio second unit price) * C (repetitions per day)

Based on this formula, you can calculate your monthly advertising budget.

Radio Advertising Voice Over Prices?

The pricing we have mentioned so far was on the broadcasting costs of radio advertisements. However, it should not be forgotten that there will be a production cost as well as the publication cost of the advertisements. In this process, written for the brand / product / service ad text It will be voiced by a voice actor and then musicalized and ready for broadcast. There are radio advertising packages specially prepared for local, regional and national radios by the voice-over agencies to be worked with in this process.

BiberSA Production can serve you during the entire production and broadcasting process of the advertisement projects you want to prepare for local, regional and national radios. For the necessary information, you can contact us from the contact section of our website.

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