The Most Famous Voices in Advertisements

how the sounds in the advertisements are formed, how the advertisement sounds are determined

The Most Famous Voices in Advertisements

There are those famous voices in many advertisements you watch on television and social media. You know each sound, you know. Each sound has left an impression on you and descended into your subconscious. So how did the voices in the commercials achieve this? Is it the quality of the tones? Is it because they speak proper Turkish? Is it because you're too suggestive during the ad runtime? Yes the answer is all.

We watch and hear tens, maybe hundreds, of advertisements in the media throughout the day. We establish a connection with the commercials because the voice actors who voice these advertisements are both due to the exquisite tones of their voices, their proper Turkish speaking and the fact that you are exposed to the ad's too much indoctrination during the broadcasting period. Some take this bond they have established forward and say, 'I can do a voiceover'. Others just like the situation and move on. We are the famous voices in the advertisements; We call it a Voiceover Artist or a voice actor. So these hidden heroes create the voices that these giant brands appeal to people's emotions?

So, when we say voices in advertisements, do we mean only voice actors, what should come to mind when we say advertisement voices?

What are Ad Sounds? What Comes to Mind When You Say Sounds in Advertisements?

Advertising sounds refer to special sound effects, music and audio commercials used in commercials, and of course, commercial voiceover artists. Advertising sounds, including artists, are chosen in accordance with the purpose and message of the commercial. For example, choosing cute and fun music for a children's product ad and choosing a voice actor with a rhythmic, soft voice. Or using a more modern and technological music in a technology commercial, such as working with a voice actor whose tone is bass-bass baritone.

Advertising sounds vary according to the content of the commercial. In other words, a unique ad sounds are created for each ad. In some commercials, a voiceover with dialogues is used, while in others, only music or special sound effects are preferred. In addition, a special music or sound effect can be used at the end of the commercials in the titles of the credits, which include elements such as the brand logo or slogan.

When the ad sounds are chosen according to the purpose of the ad, they increase the effectiveness of the ad and enable the audience to remember the ad better. We think that an example of this is the famous advertisements that are engraved in the subconscious of all of us. In some cases, the brand and the sounds in the advertisements come to mind as a whole. For this reason, the sounds in the advertisement are actually the sounds that make that advertisement famous.

Why Are Ad Sounds Important?

Advertising sounds are, frankly speaking, the most critical element that increases the effectiveness of commercials and attracts the attention of the audience. A well-chosen ad sound not only provides a better understanding of the message of the ad; It is also the source of long-lasting advertisements. Other areas where ad audio is important include:

  • Advertising sounds provide a better understanding of the message of the commercial. Because advertising sounds provide the equipment to better convey the brand's message. Details such as the excitement of the message and its fluent language are provided by the sounds in the advertisement.
  • Advertising sounds are selected in accordance with the purpose of the commercial. For example, while a cute and entertaining music is preferred in a commercial for children, a more modern and technological music can be used in advertisements for technology products.
  • Depending on the content of the commercial, sound effects or dialogues should be used. However, it is important that the sounds used are appropriate to the message of the advertisement. Otherwise, viewers will be distracted and the advertisement's impact will be diminished. Because advertising is a whole; advertising sounds remind the audience of this integrity.
  • Advertising sounds are also important in the generic sections, which include elements such as the brand logo or slogan at the end of the commercial. A special music or sound effect used in these sections, even if the entire advertisement is not remembered; It can keep that part in mind.
  • Well-chosen ad sounds increase customer loyalty; facilitates the marketing of the product or service.

Marketing research also shows this. Advertising, contrary to popular belief, is not fictional; appeals to the auditory consciousness. For this reason alone From the Soundbank to get support; Choosing a good advertising sound is important.

How to Choose Ad Sounds?

'sound bank' and 'sound cast'. It is possible with a sound bank to select the appropriate sound for their projects in the video productions of production companies and advertising agencies. Professional voice-over talents, voice-over artists are included in the voice bank within the voice-over and dubbing agency.

The voice actors and voice talents in the sound bank are preferred by production companies, directors or customers according to their voice color, accents and intonations. The more alternative sound demos that the voice actors in the Sound Bank leave for the sound bank, the more it attracts the attention of the agency or customer who prefers the sound. It will be easier for him to find the style he wants among the different sound demos.

Many of the voice actors and voice talents registered to the voice bank have a stamp fee, as well as the voice actors and voice talents who do not have a stamp fee have special agreements with the voice agency. Voiceover and dubbing agencies determine the price of the voice actor and voice talent, which does not have a stamp fee.

In the Sound Bank, besides the voice actors, there are special voices, speakers in different dialects and accents, and child voices. According to the situation of the advertisement scenario and text, the voice selection is made from the appropriate voice actor category. There are also professional voices created by the voice-over agency in different languages from various countries of the world.

English voice over, Arabic voice over, German voice over, Russian voice over Artists from different languages such as All sounds consist of demand-oriented and professional sounds in the media production sector. Therefore, if you cooperate with a soundbank rich brand like BiberSA Production; your projects are articulated effectively; You can reach unforgettable advertisements.

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