What is Voice Color and Tone in Voice Over?

Voice Color or Tone in Voice Over

What is Voice Color and Tone in Voice Over?

The tone of voice, or tone of voice, is a very important detail in vocalization. The term tone, which is used to distinguish between sound types, is a quality used to describe the differences between the frequency, note and intensity of an instrument or human voice. This term, which is used quite frequently especially in the field of dubbing and dubbing, we need to know the sound formation. So how is sound formed?

The air we breathe in as we speak causes the vocal cords to vibrate as it moves up our lungs. Our vibrating vocal cords create sound waves. The resulting sound waves hit our eardrum and vibrate the three ossicles in the middle ear. These vibrations, on the other hand, move the inner ear fluid and enable the hairy cells to transmit sound waves to the auditory nerve. Afterwards, the auditory nerve sends the chemical signals it receives from the hair cells to the brain with electrical pulses, allowing the perception of sound.

After describing the sound formation stages, which should be known primarily for tone color, in the continuation of our content, all the information you need to know about tones is included. We wish you pleasant reading!

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Sound color and tones | Bibersa Production

What are Sound Colors or Tones?

As we just mentioned, each person's voice color is unique. In other words, the tone of voice that is unique to the person causes a different tone of voice to emerge in each person. That's why there are different tones.

In the vocalization area, thick tones are called low, while thin tones are called treble. However, these tones are divided into different tones in men and women. Although male and female tones are separated in detail in vocal education and opera literature, the main female and male tones we need to know are as follows:

What Are Female Tones?

  • Soprano: It is the highest register, that is, the female voice tone that moves the vocal cords in the most subtle way.
  • Mezzo Soprano: It is a deep tone when compared to soprano, but thinner when compared to alto. In short, it is a medium colored female voice.
  • Alto: It is the deepest voice in women. In this tone color, the artist's pes are resonated.

What Are Male Voice Tones?

  • Tenor: It is the male tone of the highest note.
  • Baritone: Baritone, meaning deep or heavy in Greek, is a medium deep male voice.
  • Top: It is the deepest tone of voice called pes in men.
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Tones | Bibersa Production

How to Find Tone?

There are several factors in determining the tone of voice. Voice types are classified by factors such as voice range, voice weight, pitch and tessitura.

  • Audio Range: Also known as vocal range, this term refers to the tonal distance between the highest note and the lowest note of the voice. In order to determine the voice range correctly, the person should have a healthy voice frequency and be able to control the voice by going through a certain training.
  • Sound Weight: It means the lightness or heaviness of the sound that comes out as a result of the person singing. It is mostly used to classify the sound type of classical music artists.
  • Sound Tone: It is the difference in sound between instruments producing the same frequency. The tone of voice differs in each person.
  • Tessiture: It is a term used for the range of sounds that a person makes at the most comfortable note. With the right training, the tessitura gains a feature that can cover all the notes in it.

These factors that determine the tone color are often confused with each other. It is assumed that the terms range of voice and tone of voice have equivalent meanings, especially among the public. The most important detail that we need to specify in this regard is that the tone covers the terms used in the classification of all other tones, especially the vocal range. Well, The tone includes the concepts of pitch, weight, pitch and tessiture..

Why Are Tones of Voice Different?

Just as our face, scent and fingerprint are features that belong only to us, the voice color of each person is different from each other. There are several factors that affect this difference. At the beginning of these factors, the anatomical structure of each person's mouth and larynx is different.

The sounds we make while speaking form words by taking shape according to the structure of our lips, tongue, teeth and mouth. The fact that our mouth structure is different from each other causes the sound waves formed by the vibration of the vocal cords to come out of our mouth in different tones. In addition, the width and dimensions of our vocal cords in the larynx region are different, which causes our voice to sound in different tones when speaking.

In addition to our physical and anatomical differences The fact that the way our vocal cords work is different from each other causes each person to have a different voice color. This situation, called register, is related to the frequency of sound waves. The sound wave that each person creates while speaking creates its own frequency dimension with the different functioning of the vocal cords. Thus, the tones of the sounds we make are separated from each other.

In addition to the anatomical, physical and register differences, when speaking The mimic movements we use and the accent tones on the words also cause different tones to appear.

How Can I Choose the Right Tone for My Project?

After sharing the most important details about sound color and tone with you, we would like to tell you how to find the right sound for your project next.

As BiberSA Production, we are expanding our sound bank every year. Our sound bank, which we enrich with both local and foreign sound artists, appeals to all kinds of projects with voiceovers with different colors and tones. In this regard, the most important thing for you to do is to like the most suitable sound for your project. You can reach our sound bank with thousands of sounds here. Aren't you surprised?

You are currently considering how and according to what you would like the most appropriate sound for your project. To put it this way, since the day we were born, we set the motive of liking to a certain pattern. The name of this template is the golden ratio. We like everything in our life according to this golden ratio template. You will like the most suitable sound for your project according to this golden ratio template. Since everything has a different attraction and attraction, tone and tone of voice will appeal to you on the basis of your golden ratio. Thus, you will have chosen the most suitable sound type for your project.

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As a result;

Every person's tone and tone of voice are different from each other. This difference is also the greatest wealth we have. We, as BiberSA Production, continue to combine this richness with different projects with years of experience. After all, our job is sound!

You can visit the sound bank to get more information and offers about our voice actors.

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