Rental Sound Recording Studios

Places where voice-over recordings, sound production and voice-over management are done professionally are called sound recording studios. Sound recording studios are professional spaces designed as sound recording and sound post production facilities, and purpose-built to meet these needs. Professional sound recording studios work with voice-over directors who will give the best advice and direction. Two other factors are as important as choosing the right sound suitable for your brand, story and the text you have prepared. When choosing between rental sound recording studios, you should be careful about having a voice-over director. The voice director, who controls the microphones, volume levels and sound outputs, provides the best sound quality by guiding the accent errors, correct pronunciation and intonation.

Sound Recording Studio Equipment

Although different technologies are used in dubbing studios, all sound recording studios are designed for the same purpose and offer this service. Sound recording studios should be designed with technology and technical infrastructure to meet all needs.

Sound-proof recording room, microphone, vocal microphone for vocal recordings, headphones for listening to the sound, microphone stand to keep the microphone stable for equal sound distribution, shock connection to help reduce unwanted vibrations and noises, pop filters to help spread sibilant sounds, and Includes sound recorder.

Studio Rental Prices

Voice-over studios can be rented hourly, daily and long-term. Studio rental prices vary according to hourly, daily or long-term rentals. There is a price difference between studio rentals with a voice-over director and studios without a voice-over director. In Turkey, the cost of renting a sound recording studio with a voice-over director varies between one thousand and two thousand TL per hour.

BiberSA Production Voice Over and Dubbing Agency Sound Recording Studios

As BiberSA Production Voice Over and Dubbing Agency, we make high-quality recordings with our state-of-the-art equipment. We offer the quality service you need for all your voice-over and dubbing projects in our studios specially designed for voice-over recording. To rent our specially configured high quality sound recording studios for hourly, daily and long term;

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