Who is Itri Kosar

who is itri kosar

Who is Itri Kosar

Koşar, who has given life to countless voice-over projects, has also demonstrated his talents in the field of cinema. Master voice actor Itri Koşar has been involved in numerous films, cartoons, Brazilian TV series and documentary works throughout his career.. So, who is Itri Koşar, the sought-after name of the art of voice acting? 

Itri Koşar is one of our famous artists who stand out as a dubbing artist and actor. Being the background of many movies and commercials, Koşar has given life to many projects with his voice. Itri Koşar, who mostly appears in animated films, has been one of the sought-after voices of animation voices for many years. Famous voice actor and actor Itri Koşar started his career at a very early age. One of the masters of the art of voice acting Itri Koşar started acting with her mother Meral Koşar in 1975.. Itri Koşar, who was in the commercial with her mother, was two years old at that time. 

Master artist Koşar participated in many projects at a young age after the advertisement of the tursil he played with his mother. Itri Koşar, who entered the world of art at an early age, continued to develop herself in this field. 

Who is Itri Kosar: Itri Koşar Biography

Famous voice actor and film actor Itri Koşar was born in February 1973 in Zeynep Kamil Hospital. The father of Itri Koşar, who has a delayed birth story, is Pekcan Koşar, who is an actor and voice actor like himself.ir. Born to an artist family, Koşar met the art world at an early age. Inspired by the artistic spirit of her parents, Itri Koşar spent her childhood in various commercials. Koşar, who has been involved in different projects with his mother and father, started the art of voice acting as an amateur at an early age. 

Itri Koşar, who stands out with her voice actor identity, is a name that has managed to shape and expand her career life in a short time. With this success, the famous voice actor has become one of the most sought-after voices in Turkish dubbing of Brazilian TV series. Voice actor Itri Koşar expanded his art journey, which he started at the age of 2, in a short time and rose to acting. 

Master actor and voice actor Itri Koşar started his career in 1980 with a project in which he took a role with his father. In 1980, Koşar made an amateur voiceover in the movie Sis, in which his father Pekcan Koşar also took part. Continuing to be interested in the art of voice acting in the future, Itri Koşar started both acting and voice acting professionally in 1987. Itri Koşar, who still continues her voice acting and acting, continues to be the microphone for various brands. 

Who is Itri Koşar as an Artist?

Itrı Koşar is one of the famous voice actors who have managed to take part in the background of many commercials. Koşar, who was introduced to the art of voice acting at an early age, has been acting and voice acting together for many years. The career journey of master actor and voice actor Koşar, which started with the advertisement of Tursil, enabled him to cross paths with successful brands in a short time. Having the opportunity to take part in the same projects with his parents, Koşar took his art career to a different point in 1987. 

Voice actor Itri Koşar took the first step towards becoming a professional voice actor by switching to TRT screens in 1987. Koşar, who has experienced both voice acting and acting here, is a part of TRT. 'Everything is for People', 'Sunny Rains', 'She Interrupted with Honey'He shot TV series such as m. Master actor Itri Koşar also took an active role in TRT Istanbul in the same years. Koşar, who is among the masters of the art of voice acting, He did voice-overs for various plays, movies, TV series and cartoons at TRT Istanbul Radio. It is possible to hear Koşar's voice frequently in video films and local films that were popular in his time. In this respect, we can say that Itri Koşar is a TRT voice actor.

With the establishment and proliferation of private television channels in Turkey in 1989, Itri Koşar started to work in a wider field. Master actor and dubbing artist Koşar kept up with the intense tempo and participated in various dubbing works for television series, movies and documentaries at that time. When the date showed 1991, Itri Koşar became an actress. Vural Found He experienced acting by appearing on the stage of the children's theater with Continuing to work intensively in the field of voice acting between 1991-1995, Koşar also received many offers for theater acting. 

Master actor Itri Koşar evaluated the offers and joined the Bakırköy Municipality Theatre. It runs here; He proved his success in this field by participating in plays such as Hacıyatmaz, Ayyar Hamza, Ay Ay Hitler.. This performance of Itri Koşar, who draws attention with her voice and acting in theater plays, opened the doors of many commercials. Going beyond the art of voice acting, Koşar started to take part in commercials as an actor and voice actor after this date. 

Voice Over – As a Dubbing Artist Who is Itri Kosar?

Itri Koşar has achieved many successes by taking part in commercials, TV series, film and documentary projects for many years. Known mostly for his mastery in the art of vocalization, Koşar has taken over the microphone for Turkey's leading brands.

Itri Koşar, who left the art of dubbing in 1992, started to take part in advertising projects as the sought-after voice of advertisements. His talent for vocalization was discovered at an early age.

We can list the most important characters that Itri Koşar has voiced so far, together with their projects; 

  • Yogi Bear – Dan Aykroyd
  • Avengement – Scott Adkins
  • Revenge Day – John Travolta
  • Bullet – Steven Seagal 
  • dolittle – Robert Dawney
  • Black Knight – Heath Ledger 

Yogi Bear : Yogi the Bear, who has appeared in many comics, animations and cartoons, has met children as a cartoon for many years. In the movie version shot in 2010, the adventures of Yogi Bear, who lives in Jellystone Park and steals visitors' picnic baskets, are told. In this movie, Itri Koşar plays Yogi the Bear. Dan Aykroyd had sung. Itri Koşar made the Turkish voiceover of Yogi the Bear. 

Avengement: Full of action and adventure The movie Avengement introduces the story of a man who tries to take revenge on the people who put him in jail. Itri Koşar voiced the character of Cain Burgess in the movie Avengement.r. The English voice actor of the same character was Scott Adkins.

 Day of Revenge: In this movie, a retired secret agent returns to the field due to the enemies that are after him. Itri Koşar appears in the Turkish voice-over of the character of Stanley, the leading role in the action-packed movie "Day of Revenge".. John Travolta plays the character of Stanley. 

Robin Hood: Banditry comes to the fore in this movie, which is one of the productions inspired by the legendary Robin Hood story. Jamie Dornan, who is the right-hand man in Robin Hood's gang, gives life to the character of Will Scarlet. Itri Koşar voices Will Scarlet in the Turkish voice cast of the movie Robin Hood. 

Who Sang Itri Koşar?

Voice actor Itri Koşar is a famous name who has appeared on TRT screens and in various advertising projects with his voice. The master artist Itri Koşar has many foreign names and voiceover projects that he has brought to life so far. The names voiced by Itri Koşar, who stand out in the Turkish dubbing of foreign actors, can be listed as follows; 

Dan Aykroyd: Yogi the Bear movie Itri Koşar is famous for his voiceover of Yogi the Bear in the animation and cartoon industry. Voiceover Itri Koşar is the voice of Dan Aykroyd in this animation. 

Robert Dawney: Famous voice actor Itri Koşar is one of the names we come across in the Turkish voiceovers of Robert Dawney. The film in which Itri Koşar talks about Robert Dawney is undoubtedly Dolittle.  

Heath Ledger: Itri Koşar also takes part in the Turkish dubbing of the legendary Dark Knight movie. The famous artist is the voice of Heath Ledger, who plays the character of the Joker in the movie. 

Scott Adkins: One of the masters of the art of voice acting, Itri Koşar appears in the Turkish voiceovers of British actor Scott Adkins. Koşar gives the voice of Cain Burgess in the movie Revenge, starring Scott Adkins. 

Itri Kosar Contact

Itri Koşar, who took his place in the memories as a voice actor, has done commercials, films, TV series, documentaries and promotional films for many years. Koşar, who still continues his voice-over works; It appears in our country's leading cosmetics, food, beverage, oil industry and bank advertisements. 

Famous voiceover master Itri Koşar has recently been participating in the voiceover projects of brands under the leadership of BiberSA Production. To access the demo works of Itri Koşar, who continues to work within BiberSa BiberSA Production website or BiberSA Youtube You can visit the channel.

Itri Koşar, who gives life to dubbing and advertising works with her voice, can contact us by clicking the button below to communicate and access demo works.

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