Who is Sefa Zengin: Called Name of Villain Voices!

who is sefa rich

Who is Sefa Zengin: Called Name of Villain Voices!

Sefa Zengin has managed to attract the attention of the audience, especially with her role in the Kurtlar Vadisi series.. So who is Sefa Zengin?

Known for giving life to bad characters on television screens, Sefa Zengin is a master actor and voice actor. Born in Malatya in 1968, Zengin is a theater actor as well as acting in TV series and movies. Sefa Zengin, who graduated from Istanbul University State Conservatory Theater Department in 1995, shaped her career by acting professionally. The master actor, who took the stage at the Haldun Dormen Theater in 1994, has now taken his acting career to a different point.

The famous TV series and movie actor Sefa Zengin gave life to the character of Erdal Kömürcü, who has psychological problems in this series. Sefa Zengin has recently taken her place on the screen as a TV series actress and voice actor. Rich, who came to the fore with his actor identity, also undertook the directorship of many theaters. We see the famous theater actor Sefa Zengin in the directing of the plays Karmakarışık, Popcorn, Kare Ace and Oyun, staged by Theater Candela. 

Who is Sefa Zengin as a Voiceover Artist?

Sefa Zengin, who has been involved in the theater, TV series and film industry as an actress, has shaped her career in a versatile way. Rich, who we often see in front of the camera, is also a good voice actor. Sefa Zengin, who has been on the microphone for many years, has been in the Turkish voice cast of many foreign films. Master actor and voice actor Zengin is one of the names that best applies the subtleties of the art of voiceover to the project. 

Famous voice actor Sefa Zengin In his field, he mostly goes before the microphone with his film projects. Sefa Zengin, who combines her amazing acting talent with her voice, especially with his voiceovers in the Marvel series..

We see Sefa Zengin voicing Michael Stuhlbarg in Doctor Strange from the Marvel series. We hear Sefa Zengin's voice in the upcoming series of Doctor Strange, which opens the doors of the multiverse and takes the audience on a journey full of mystery. 

who is sefa rich

Sefa Zengin dubbing He is one of the sought-after famous voices of his works and commercials. Rich, whose voice we are used to hearing mostly in film and animation projects, has also taken part in documentary works.

Sefa Zengin, who took the microphone for TRT Documentary, in the War of Independence Our Navy He gave life to the documentary with his voice. In this documentary, the famous voice actor is the owner of the emotionally charged voice that conveys the epic story of the War of Independence to the audience. 

Sefa Zengin, who sings projects with a fluent tone, took part in the voice cast of the prominent films of the period. Released in 2012 Titanic: Blood and Steel The production is one of them. Rich appears as the voice of Frank McCusker in Titanic Blood and Steel. The famous artist, who gives the voice of Charles Stokes, played by Frank McCusker, reveals the perfect harmony of character and voice. 

Who Sang Sefa Zengin?

Famous voice actor Sefa Zengin has been in the voice cast of many important movies and animations that have been engraved in the memories.

Rich, the sought-after name of bad character voiceovers, also produces excellent works in entertaining dubbing works. Here are the productions and characters voiced by Sefa Zengin; 

  • Nicodemus West in Doctor Strange in Multiverse Madness  
  • Jeremy Irons as Scar in The Lion King 
  • Michael Stuhlbarg in Doctor Strange 
  • Al Pacino as Jimmy in the Irish movie 
  • Cillian Murpy' yUrsa character in The Dark Knight Rises 
  • Mark Moses in Flirtatious 
  • Will Forte as Joe Town in Rain of Meatballs  

Doctor Strange in Multiverse Madness- Doctor Nic. West: Doctor Strange Multiverse Madness, one of the exciting films of the Marvel series, takes the audience to a multiverse where adventure is not lacking. In the movie, Doctor Nic. Nicodemus West gives life to the character of West. Sefa Zengin, who is in the Turkish voice cast of this movie, and Dr. nick. West's voice. 

The Lion King – Scar: We see Sefa Zengin in the Turkish voice cast of the movie The Lion King, which tells the story of Simba, a baby lion. Rich gives the voice of Scar, King Mufasara's brother and previous heir, in this movie. 

Irish – Jimmy Hoffa: The Irish movie Frank 'The Irishman' brings the audience together with Sheeran's adventure from being a union leader to turning into a mafia. Sefa Zengin voices Al Pacino, who gives life to the character of Jimmy in the movie. 

The Dark Knight Rises – Scarecrow:  In this movie, we see Bruce Wayne and Batman struggling to stop the secret plans of terrorist leader Bane. Rich gives his voice to actor Cillian Murphy, who plays Scarecrow in the Turkish voiceover of The Dark Knight. 

Flirtatious – Dr. Sam: In The Flirtatious movie, we are the guests of handsome con man Nikki's adventurous moments with middle-aged lawyer Samantha, who offers more than she's ever had before. In this movie where excitement is not lacking, Sefa Zengin plays Dr. We see Sam Falcon voicing. 

Meatball Rain – Joe Town: Rain of Meatballs is a fun animated movie about crazy inventor Flint Lockwood inventing a machine that rains food from the sky. In the first series of the movie Meatball Rain, Sefa Zengin gives voice to the character of Joe Town. 

Who is Sefa Zengin as an Actress?

Sefa Zengin, who started her TV and film acting career with the Summer House series, has been taking part in various projects since 1993. Rich, who has been in the industry for many years; He is remembered for his prominent TV series such as Kurtlar Vadisi, Kızıl Elma, Hürrem Sultan and Cennet Mahallesi. So, in which TV series did the famous actress Sefa Zengin appear? Here are the TV series starring Sefa Zengin; 

  • Flower Taxi
  • Summer House 
  • Sweet Loots 
  • Last Company 
  • Gang of 5 Monkeys 
  • nanny 
  • Derya & Deniz 
  • Back Streets 
  • Paradise District
  • Kurtlar Vadisi 
  • Hurrem Sultan
  • Pistachios 
  • Anonymous 
  • Far from it 
  • Red Apple 
  • Start again
  • Lead Bilal 
  • Value for Life
  • starfish

Gang of 5 Monkeys – Bilal: The 5 Monkey Gang, broadcast in 1999, was one of the prominent comedy series of the period. In this production, which coincided with Sefa Zengin's new acting years, the famous actor was portraying the character of Bilal. 

Valley of the Wolves – Erdal Kömürcü: Sefa Zengin took place as Erdal Kömürcü in the cast of Kurtlar Vadisi, an action-packed mafia series. In this series, the famous actor gave life to the character of Erdal, son of Hüsrev Ağa's drug producer Abuzer. 

Hürrem Sultan – Özdemir Pasha: Hürrem Sultan, published in 2003, was a historical mini-series. Sefa Zengin was playing Özdemir Pasha in this series. 

Anonymous – The Watcher: The Untitled series is shaped around the character of Fatih, whose heart is full of patriotism. Sefa Zengin appears before the audience as the villain in this series. The role of Zengin in the TV series "Untitled" was the character of the terrorist Observer, who was killed by Afran. 

Sefa Zengin Kurtlar Vadisi

When the famous actress and voice actor Sefa Zengin is mentioned, the first production that comes to mind is Kurtlar Vadisi.. The Kurtlar Vadisi series, which left its mark on the period, started to be broadcast with the slogan of the mafia; It is a series of action, drama and intelligence genre. This series, which hosted many famous names, started broadcasting on January 15, 2003 and met with the audience for four seasons until 2005. Sefa Zengin, on the other hand, played the character of Erdal Kömürcü in the Valley of the Wolves and appeared on the screen for a long time. 

The character of Erdal, brought to life by Sefa Zengin, is actually a businessman who works with Tuncay Kantarcı and mostly deals with the import-export business for the health sector.

Erdal Kömürcü, one of the villains of the Kurtlar Vadisi series, continued his imports and exports obtained through corruption throughout the series.

Kömürcü, who continues his role in the mental hospital and court dilemma throughout the series, was shot by his ex-girlfriend Canan and left the series. Sefa Zengin, who we see in the role of the villain, quickly climbed the career ladder by displaying a good acting in Kurtlar Vadisi. 

Sefa Rich Communications

Sefa Zengin, who is frequently mentioned as an actor, actor and voice actor, is one of the sought-after names in the dubbing industry. Rich, which we have seen in the field of dubbing and dubbing for many years; He has taken part in many TV series, films, animations and documentaries. 

Famous dubbing and voice actor Sefa Zengin appears as the unseen hero in commercials of Turkey's leading brands. Rich, which we have been accustomed to seeing in the most striking TV series of his period, also continues his dubbing works within BiberSA Production.

To see the demo works of Sefa Zengin, who has made a name for herself with different projects within BiberSA, BiberSA Production website or BiberSA Youtube You can visit the channel.

Famous voice actor Sefa Zengin can contact us by clicking the button below to communicate and demo work.

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