Transformers Voice Cast

Transformers Voice Cast

Transformers is one of the adventure-filled productions directed by Michael Bay, adapted from the cartoon series of the same name. This action movie series starring Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox is about robots. Robots with the ability to transform into cars, planes, watercraft and trucks appear in the Transformers movie series. Action and adventure take action and adventure to the next level in this film, with Steven Spielberg as the co-producer of the film. As well as the Transformers movie, Turkish voice over is one of the most talked about successful works. In this respect, the subject of this article is Transformers Voice Over Staff.

Megatron is one of the prominent robots of the Transformers series. Megatron appears before the audience as a robot dedicated to protecting Cybetron, the planet of Transformers. The character of Megatron is killed by Optimus Prime in the movie and is remade by KSI as Galvatron. The main character of the movie Megatron's voice is the famous actor Hugo Weaving. The Turkish voice of Hugo Weaving, who is in the voice cast of Transformers, is undertaken by Fatih Özacun. 

At work Transformers Turkish voice cast and their roles… 

Transformers voice cast

Transformers Voice Cast


Who Is Optimus Prime Voiced?

Peter Cullen voices the character of Optimus Prime from the Transformers movie throughout the series. Optimus Prime voice-over is featured in the Turkish version of Ayhan Kahya. 

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen Voice Over 

In the second series of the Transformers movie, the origins of the Transformers characters are explored. Sam Witwicky explores the history of the Transformers while discovering new unknown details in this action-packed movie. The demonic Deceptions, eager to seize Witwicky's thrilling discovery, take him hostage and take the film to a whole new level. 

In this part of the Transformers movie, which takes place in many countries, the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt are seen intensely. As the subject of the movie Transformers 2 voice cast Again, he puts forth a flawless work. The Turkish voice-over of Transformers 2, where excitement and action is not missing, is home to many famous names. 

Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen voice cast


At work Transformers 2 Turkish voice cast and their roles… 

  • Shia LaBeouf – Sam Witwicky: Aaron Can
  • Megan Fox – Mikaela Banes: Aysun Topar
  • Josh Duhamel - Major Lennox: Riza Karaagacli
  • Peter Cullen – Optimus Prime:  Volkan Ates Akyılmaz
  • Hugo Weaving – Megatron: Erhan Turkmen
  • Tyrese Gibson – Epps: Tugbey Istanbulluoglu
  • John Turturro-Simmons: Uğur Taşdemir (Click for other voiceover projects of Uğur Taşdemir)
  • Ramon Rodriguez – Leo Spitz: Ilham Erdogan
  • Kevin Dunn – Ron Witwicky: Ender Yigit
  • Julie White – Judy Witwicky: Füsun Kokucu
  • Isabel Lucas – Alice: Mehpare Divrik
  • John Benjamin Hickey-Galloway: Talha Sayar
  • Glenn Morshower – General Morshower: Gokhan Ozkara 
  • Mark Ryan – Jetfire: Ahmet Eres
  • Jess Harnell – Ironhide: Mehmet Ali İşgüder (Click for Mehmet Ali İşgüder's other voice-over projects)

Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon 

Transformers Dark Side of the Moon In the movie, the audience is the guest of 1961. This movie begins with the landing of a Cybertron spaceship on the moon, 8 years before humanity stepped into space. Sentinel Prime drives the ship, which has escaped the great war and reached the dark side of the moon. This ship also contains technology that is vital to the Cybertrons. The rest of the world is watching humanity's adventure into space. At the point where the movie comes to the present day, the disappointments of Optimus Prime, who discover the mysterious Cybertron ship during a mission, come into play. Optumus Prime thus realizes that humans have been lying to the Autobots about this for years. From this point on, we watch the exciting race of Optimus Prime and the others, who want to reach the technology hidden inside the ship before the Decepticons. 

Transformers 3 voice cast and its characters are in harmony with a great production that brings the audience together. In addition to the original language Transformers 3 Turkish voice cast It also manages to get full marks from the audience. 

Transformers 3 months's dark side voice castHere are the Transformers 3 Turkish voice cast and roles … 

  • Shia LaBeouf – Sam Witwicky Aaron Can 
  • Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Carly: Ozlem Ozbay
  • Peter Cullen – Optimus Prime:Volkan Ates Akyılmaz
  • Josh Duhamel – Lennox: Ilham Erdogan
  • John Turturro-Simmons: Uğur Taşdemir (Click for other voiceover projects of Uğur Taşdemir)
  • Tyrese Gibson – Epps: Tugbey Istanbulluoglu
  • Patrick Dempsey-Dylan: Riza Karaagacli
  • Hugo Weaving – Megatron: Erhan Turkmen
  • Leonard Nimoy – Sentinel Prime: Ahmet Eres
  • Frances McDormand-Mearing: Berna Terzierol
  • John Malkovich – Bruce Brazos: Mazlum Kiper (Click for Mazlum Kiper Voice Projects)
  • Kevin Dunn – Ron Witwicky: Ender Yigit
  • Julie White – Judy Witwicky: Füsun Kokucu
  • Alan Tudyk – Dutch: Arda Kavaklioglu
  • Ken Jeong – Jerry Wang: Gokhan Ozdemir
  • Jess Harnell – Ironhide: Sinan Divrik
  • Charles Adler-Starscream: Kadir Özübek (Click for more information about Kadir Özübek voices)
  • Tom Kenny – Wheelie: Deniz Salman 
  • Reno Wilson – Brains: Emin Yarac
  • Keith Szarabajka – Laserbeak: Kadir Ozbek

Transformers Movie Plot

Viewers who want to start the Transformers series What does Transformers tell is looking for the answer. In this exciting series, the planet Cybertron appears to be surrounded by robots capable of transforming into different mechanisms. On this planet inhabited by robots, two different fronts welcome the audience. There are good robots called Autobots on one side of the planet Cyberton, while on the other side there are bad robots called Decepticons. At this point, the Transformers are in search of different sources as a result of the decrease in fuel stocks called energon cubes on their planet. In this quest, the Transformers' path falls on a world extremely rich in chemicals and essential fuel minerals. 

Since Transformers have the ability to transform into cars, planes, watercraft, trucks, they start a mighty war to seize resources when they reach the world. Decepticons, who are evil robots, aim to destroy the world so that they can get their will when they reach the world. The good-spirited robots against the Decepticons continue to resist and try to defeat them.


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